How to Waterproof a mattress?


Are you someone that loves to relax in outdoor places? If yes then to make yourself more comfortable you can add a waterproof mattress to outdoor places like your lawn etc. However, before buying one, you should review various waterproof mattresses on Mattress Firm Pillows. But the real question here is, how to waterproof a mattress for outdoors; so lets get started.

Before we move on, note that waterproof mattresses can be expensive so you should consider waterproofing your ordinary mattress. This would help you decorate your lawn on budget and save some bucks.

Get a waterproof mattress protector

Through this method you would not only waterproof your mattress but you could also give your mattress a different look. Investing in one can be very expensive therefore you can invest in a waterproof mattress protector instead. Usually these protectors have a thickness of around 8-9 inches, and they come with a heavy duty zipper. You can get these mattress protectors for all matrices is ranging from twin mattress to full size. Many of the covers include water and UV resistance sheet that dries quickly. Further it is made up of breathable material which can be washed easily; and it also provides resistance against stains.

Waterproof sheets

Another way to waterproof your mattress on budget is to use waterproof sheets. These sheets usually come in four sizes: twin, full ,queen and king size. Many brands also offer a warranty of around 10 years. These sheets are 100% waterproof and they’re super soft and light texture make them quite comfortable. These sheets hug your mattress tightly and its elasticity allows it to fit perfectly. You can also find plastic sheet; even though they are a rather less expensive alternative, they can be noisy and uncomfortable for many people.

Water Repellent Spray

Finding a good waterproof mattress could be a hassle therefore waterproofing your existing mattress could be the perfect way to go. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, then water repellent spray. The best part about using this spray is that it word improves your mattress without changing its texture like waterproof sheets and covers. This spray retains the breathability and does not cause any discomfort caused due to the added layer of sheet. This spray could literally be sprayed on any sort of fabric or clothing that you want for outdoor use.

Water cover, DIY

Another project friendly yet fun way of waterproofing your mattress could be making DIY covers. You can get various waterproof fabrics; usually this fabric is made up of 100% polyester and no stretch material. These fabrics are water and mold resistant, therefore there could be used for outdoors. You can add fun designs do these fabrics and personalize your own waterproof mattress by covering it with this fabric.

Other ways

Apart from all these options there are several other ways to protect your matches for outdoors. These methods could decorate here outdoor living space and you can enjoy it with your family. A pop-up canopy is another great way for storing your mattress this would protect it against sunlight and mainly from rain. You can also build a pool house to protect your it when it would not be used.

Final thoughts

There are several ways to waterproof your mattresses, so invest wisely and protect your it against rain. In addition, outdoor living space could be enhanced by adding a this kind of mattress, and then you can enjoy a pleasant whether in your lawn. If you are short on budget then waterproofing at home with the above mentioned ideas is the way to go.

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