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A number of years ago, I had way, WAY too much stuff.

I did not see myself as a frivolous person, but I see now that I was buying things that I didn’t need or even really want.

I was a marketer’s dream! So easily sucked in by the promise that an item would improve my life in some way.

I told myself that I couldn’t possibly pass up a bargain…..

Spend another £5 and receive a free gift? Well! I’d be losing out if I didn’t right?
Noticing an item I’m mildly interested in and then seeing it’s a 2 for 1 deal? Straight in the basket! It would be a waste not to, right!?

does shopping make you happy

But I was missing the meaning of waste. For possessing things for no good reason WAS wasteful.

I believe that I, like many of us, learned to define instant gratification as happiness. Thinking that the adrenalin rush we get when we buy something makes us happy. Only this feeling fades fast, sometimes immediately afterwards.

What did I think these purchases would do for me?

Give me status and therefore make others like and respect me?
Maybe I should like and respect myself.

Make me look great?
Maybe I should think I do already or put less emphasis on it.

So that I’d be as good as others who own these things?
Maybe I should think I’m good enough already.

I also used to confuse boredom with contentment.

Life’s too short! I’d tell myself. I don’t want to regret losing out!
But it did not provide me with the contentment I craved and ironically, I have learned that this comes from being happier with less and simplifying life.

I still love shopping! It’s in my blood!!

I buy less now, but it’s a richer experience.

I appreciate the company of those I’m with. Or myself, if alone. I drink in the beautiful shop displays and feel the atmosphere around me.

And when I buy something, it’ because it’s going to add value to my life in some way, or to the life of someone I care about.

It’s an intentional purchase.

No instant gratification followed by guilt. Contented satisfaction.

Try it and feel the difference.

Thank you so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind.

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