Is it Practical to Extend Your Garden?

extend your garden

Do you have the space to extend your garden? Are you in two minds about whether it’s practical? Extending your garden can be a great project with many benefits. But is it as practical as it is desirable to extend a garden?

Below, we’ll help you decide whether it’s practical to extend your garden and what you might need to consider.

Why Extend Your Garden?

Garden extensions are great. Whether you’re looking to cultivate a more extensive vegetable patch, create a dedicated play area for your children, or simply enjoy a larger open space for relaxation, extending your garden can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience.

Is it Practical?

Before jumping into the project, assess the practicality of a garden extension. What do you need it for? Will you be able to maintain it once it’s finished?

Consider the size and layout of your current space. How much of your garden are you willing to dedicate to the project? Practicality also means considering the time and resources you can commit to maintaining a larger garden.

What Will You Need to Do?

Planning a garden extension involves several steps. You’ll need to go through planning, design, and construction – and decide who will help you. Horticulture specialists can help you determine how to renovate your garden. Consider what you might need to ensure the land is build-worthy – you can hire a concrete barrier to protect the site and gardening tools if you plan on doing it yourself. But realistically, you’ll hire a company to do it for you unless you can excavate land.

You’ll also need to find out whether you need planning permission – you might not necessarily be able to build on the land just because your garden is next to it. The deeds to your house will show the exact measurements of the land you own.

The Benefits

Extending your garden provides numerous benefits that go beyond just improving its look. One of the best is the potential increase in your property’s value. A well-maintained and spacious garden can be a considerable draw for future buyers. A garden extension can increase its value in the same way a home extension would.

A larger garden contributes positively to the environment. It allows for more diverse plant life, and you’ll attract wildlife, contributing to biodiversity in your area. This expansion also presents an excellent opportunity to grow your food, reducing reliance on store-bought produce and thus lowering your overall carbon footprint.

For families, the benefits are even better. As they say on Step Brothers – look at all this extra room for activities! It can become a space for educational activities, family gatherings, and relaxation. It also means there’s a safe space for them to play near the house – the latest generation – iPad babies – are victims of the digital era. Giving them more space to explore outside keeps them entertained.

With the right approach, extending your garden can be a fun project with the help of professionals. Whether it’s more space to cultivate, relax, or play a garden extension is a good investment idea to consider before the summer.


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