It’s only words?

Annoying Words And Phrases In English

We all have our little quirks don’t we? But have you ever noticed how many unnecessary words or phrases people use when they talk or write?

I guess they could be described as fillers.

“Totally” “Basically” “I mean” and the dreaded “Like”

I’ve certainly been guilty of it myself but I’m currently making an effort to declutter my language, be more concise and waffle less. After all, why waste energy on pointless language? I just did it again! (did I really need to use “after all” at the start of that sentence?)  If you hear me say or see me write “To be honest” or “Actually” feel free to point it out – I have a tendency to overuse them.

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Just for fun, I have listed some phrases or words which tend to rile me.  I don’t know why but I feel they have undertones of different meanings…see below!

They say: Trust me
They mean: You’d be a fool to trust me as I have no idea what I’m talking about!

They say: Hope this helps
They mean:What I have just told you is not particularly helpful and I know this!

They say: No offence
They mean: I’m about to say something really offensive to you!

They say: That’s certainly food for thought
They mean: I will forget the ridiculous thing you just said in seconds!

They say: With respect
They mean: I have little respect for you, not do I like you much!

They say: Fact (at the end of a sentence)
They mean: I am wildly unsure of the validity of what I just said!


Which phrases do you wish we’d declutter?

Thank you for reading

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