Mind Over Clutter – How Decluttering Can Make You Happier

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So, did you know that decluttering can make you happier?

Let’s backtrack.

What is decluttering? And why did I choose to start my business A Tidy Mind? Why do I feel so enthusiastically and completely sure that the process can help people be happier. And why does it have this effect?

Ultimately, I am convinced that our emotional health is clearly linked to the state of our living and working environment. We have to actually make our possessions work for us. They don’t do that on their own!

What are the important things to keep in mind when decluttering possessions?

Consider the quality of them, not the quantity.
Think of the memories they awake.
How do they make us feel when we hold them in our hands?
Are we willing to make a conscious decision to have them in our lives?

Let’s break it down: we’re talking about two proceses here:

Firstly, decluttering: streamlining:

Getting rid of what you don’t want or need, letting go of items that add no value to your life, discarding those which you were keeping for the wrong reasons, or for no reason at all.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it’s littered with complexity. It’s really hard! It’s the reason why most people hire a Professional Organiser. It’s the challenging but life changing part. In order to shed the unnecessary from life, you go on a journey of getting to know yourself, what you want and what to prioritise. A light is shone in some dark places, literally and metaphorically. It can be scary – but it’s worth it.

Secondly, organising (the easy part):

Practical storage solutions, utilising space, choosing the right materials, adding five minutes to your daily routine.

Let’s go back to happiness. For it is the end goal to all our goals is it not?

So how does decluttering and organising make us happier? I feel it is best illustrated by sharing snippets of feedback from my real life clients. These comments were all verbalised or written to me by people whom I have been lucky enough to work with (although full credit must be given to the concept of tidying)

“I feel in control again”

“I feel like I’ve found what I’ve been missing all my life”

“I now realise it’s the little things that matter – but I know what little things they are now”

“This process brings into focus the true meaning of everything in my life”

“I love everything I see when I look around this room”

“It’s like there’s a direct correlation between my clutter reducing and my energy increasing”

“When I need an important document, I don’t feel that sense of dread anymore, I smile to myself because I can picture EXACTLY where it is!”

“I have more time to work on my goals now”

“I’m so much more conscious of how I spend my money now. I have more cash to spend on the important things”

“It’s like living in a different house – it’s transformed”

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Thank you so much for reading!

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