How to mix toxic-free home cleaning solutions

I generally clean as I go during decluttering and organising sessions. A cleared space is a golden opportunity to give a surface a refresh and I simply couldn’t bear to put something back in a dusty cupboard. However, I don’t like strong chemicals. I’m convinced they are partially to blame for the rise of allergies and I love natural and eco-friendly versions.  So I’m excited to share this guest blog from Dmitri Kara, professional at Fantastic Cleaners.  There are some really cheap, simple solutions out there which can still make your home all sparkly

How to mix toxic-free home cleaning solutions?

Before commercial cleaning solutions were developed, people had to use alternatives to modern domestic cleaning products, so what did people use to clean with?

Nowadays cleaning companies offer high-end solutions with secret formulas, the same way people had homemade recipes for DIY cleaners in the pre-industrial revolution age. These DIY products are far from efficient but they do have both pros and cons. Homemade cleaning mixtures are safer and eco-friendlier than most products we use today and that’s for sure.

The basic home cleaning DIY

In case you have no access to commercial cleaning services nor products, you have other ways to help you tackle hygiene at home..

Back in the days people used to clean with simple and yet efficient homemade cleaning solutions. If you want to handle your domestic chores as a truly fantastic cleaner, here’s the handful of toxic free ideas for you to consider,

What are the most common ingredients for cleaning DIY?

  • Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate)
  • Washing soda (Sodium carbonate)
  • White vinegar (Distilled)
  • Lemon juice (from Lemons :о)

Natural Cleaning Products

  1. Baking soda and cleaning?

Baking Soda It is one of the common organic substances available. Throughout the decades it has been used mostly for cooking and occasionally for medical care. Now that’s absolutely great, but there is more to learn here.

Simple to use and eco-friendly:

  • It  has been used as an efficient and low cost nature-friendly cleaner solution for most domestic cleaning, people did back in the days. .
  • For kitchen cleaning it was used to disinfect silverware for the royal court.
  • For bathroom cleaning, baking soda served as a solution to unclog blocked drains.
  • Baking soda is great way to fight grease and scuff. One of the most popular recipes paste one. Mix soda and water 3:1. It works really well for metal surfaces or silverware as well.
  • Nowadays some homeowners still apply soda to polish microwaves, kitchen worktops, hobs, ovens and etc.

2. How to clean using white vinegar?

White Vinegar Due to its natural acidity, white vinegar is among the best and most efficient. eco-friendly antifungal and antibacterial agents to use as DIY.. White vinegar is also an outstanding  non-toxic degreaser. You could use it for stains & mold.

Here’s a fantastic DIY cleaner:

  • Blend white vinegar with equal amounts of water and soda. A great trick is to use a spray bottle to sprinkle and wipe mirrors and windows throughout your entire property. This home -made mixture is perfect for wooden floors and plastic trash bins. It not only improve hygiene but comes with a fresh scent to freshen up your home. What’s more, this DIY cleaner tackles persistent mould from shower heads and faucets.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in white vinegar and olive oil 1:1. This DIY recipe does wonders for water ring leftovers on worktops, wooden surfaces, tables and etc. Another great application is 1:1 vinegar and olive oil to serve to polish old furniture.


3. Lemon juice cleans amazingly!

Lemon Juice Some people call lemons nature’s little hand brushes. You can is a lemons as a  bleaching solution and even deodorizer. The juice is a well known solution to mould and mildew. Simply apply it to your desired surface and leave it breath for a while. Lemon juice can clean so strong, that you can apply it to grease and not only. The majority of worktop stains, you would otherwise clean with specialised products, could also fall under it’s natural cleaning powers.

How to clean with lemon juice exactly?

  • You can use it to clean your cutting board from both stains and germs.
  • If you want to clean your butcher countertop you’ll have to add a bit of salt as well. Leave for a couple of hours and rinse with water.
  • Among the most common recipes is simply mixing lemon juice and water. A great way to disinfect and add a lemony fresh aroma to your home.
  • For those more persistent stains, i.e. red wine and soft drinks, consider using hydrogen peroxide and water. Simply dab onto the dirty spot with a cloth and give it a good scrub, You could also add salt and clean your dirty blender.

4.Washing soda to.. wash?

natural washing powder Washing soda is better known as sodium carbonate decahydrate or simply soda ashes. Many people mistake it for baking soda, but it isn’t the same. Washing soda is a eco-friendly way to dissolve grease and thus remove dirty stains at home.

Bonus recipes for cleaning with washing soda:

  • It works great for cleaning fireplace smoke and soot. You’ll need a bucket of warm water, and a tea cup full of washing soda. It is highly advisable to use gloves. Mix it good an apply to your chosen surface, Let it work for a while and rinse afterwards. The mixture is so strong it could peel wax of wooden flooring. It is important to never apply to aluminium! Use the homemade cleaner  for surfaces such as windows, bricks, stone or wood (before you paint).
  • Cleaning the grill – most BBQ lovers strip down grill cleaning to merely scrubbing it with a steel brush. Even though people realize it is not enough, just a few go all the way to proper hygiene. If you are aware of all the dirt a BBQ holds and you would not scrub your shoulders of – fill the grill with water and add a cup or two of washing soda. Let it stay for a couple of hours (or even overnight). Dispose of the water properly and give it a good rinse.

Now you have a handful of great homemade cleaning hacks in case you run out of modern products! Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of toxic-free solutions.

Written and designed by Dmtri Kara, professional at Fantastic Cleaners

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