Moving Into a New Home: How to Prepare For a Smooth Transition

moving into a new home

The thrill of moving to a new home is often tempered by the thought of having to move everything, find a new place for it to go, and remember where everything is as you get settled in. However, by making sure you’re careful with packing and unpacking, the entire process can go smoothly and you’ll end up unpacked and ready to enjoy the new place faster than you realized. 

Get Rid of Anything You Won’t Need After the Move

Go through now and start letting go of anything you don’t need anymore. Whether you’re working with Artisan Movers or handling the move on your own, you won’t want to bring too much to the new home just to have to get rid of things once you’re there. Don’t bring outdated holiday decor, old clothes you don’t wear anymore, or kitchen accessories you never use. It’ll just take up space in the moving truck and the new home. 

Start Packing as Early as Possible

The more time you have to pack, the easier it’s going to be to get it all done. No one wants to pack everything in a weekend and that can lead to rushing, which means things may not be as organized as they should be to go to the new home. Instead, break it down a bit and take a little bit longer to pack. Things that aren’t used every day, like decor or holiday decorations, can be packed first, as they won’t be needed before the move. Then move on to things that are used a little more frequently and save the most-used items for last. 

Organize by Room or Object While Packing Belongings

Keep boxes organized in a logical way when packing items to move to the new home. Don’t mix clothes with holiday decor or kitchen items. By keeping the boxes organized, it’s easier to know where everything will go in the new home. Boxes can be placed in the new home by room, so it’s easier to focus on one room at a time, unpack everything, and get it all put away. This helps everyone who is moving know where their own belongings are, too, so they can find things quickly as they unpack. 

Think About Where Things May Go in the New Home

Start planning for how you’ll organize things in the new home and what you might need when you move in to get everything set up the way you want. Think about how you’ll organize the kitchen, how you want to decorate the bedrooms, and anything else you might want to do when you get settled into the new home. This not only gets you ready for the move, but helps make it a little more fun instead of just packing and going. Take time to sketch out plans or create a board where you can organize your thoughts and have fun with this step. 

Clean As You Pack and Organize

As you’re finishing up the packing, start cleaning. When you’re packing the first items, go ahead and wipe down the area, too. While you’ll want to clean a little bit right before you leave to make sure everything looks good, if you clean as you go, you’ll have a lot less to do in the end. Plus, this may give you the opportunity to find small repairs that can make a big difference when you’re selling the house, like areas that may need to be repainted or flooring that might need repairs to get it back in shape. 

Label All Boxes Carefully

Always label boxes as you go. Make sure the labels are clear and easy to read. List the type of belongings in the box and add a label to at least 2 sides and the top of the box. This way, no matter how the box is placed in the room, you’ll be able to tell where it goes and what’s inside of it. Use a Sharpie or other permanent marker to write on the labels so they don’t smear during transit and are able to be read when you reach the new home. 

Keep a Box in the Car for Day-Of Supplies

While you’ll want to put as much as possible in the moving truck, keep a box of supplies for the first couple of days in your car. This might include cleaning supplies, a couple of changes of clothes, and toys for the kids. You may also want enough paper plates and food for the first couple of days, too, so you don’t have to eat out every meal until the truck arrives. You will also want to include any paperwork or essential items that you’ll need to move into the home. 

Go Room to Room and Unpack Everything

Once you’ve arrived at the new home, go through everything one room at a time to unpack and get everything set up. Don’t worry about decor for now – just make sure everything has a place in the new home. Going through it one room at a time gives you the chance to focus on the most important items first, followed by things that are used regularly but might not be essential, and then things that will be stored for future use, like holiday decorations. 

Plan for Plenty of Time

Make sure that you plan for plenty of time to unpack and get settled into the new home. It might take a few days to get all of the essentials put away without having to rush through it. You won’t want to take weeks to get it done, but you’ll want to have a few days at least to dedicate to unpacking and getting settled in. 

There’s a lot that needs to be done when you’re moving to a new home. Whether you’re going next door or across the country, there are things you can do to make everything go more smoothly. Take the time to pack carefully and use the tips here to make it as easy as possible to move and get settled into your new home. 

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