New Year Subtractions

Happy New Year!

How are you feeling today? Are you in the mood for setting goals? Or does it all feel a little overwhelming?

I firmly believe that, in order to make improvements to life, you often don’t need anything. Instead, it might be better to lose something.  Ultimately, you may need to have less… order to have more.

new year resolutions

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that they sound and feel quite tiring don’t they?

I mean, you’re supposed to feel all ‘GO GO GO!!’ but you might just feel slightly ‘gone’. Early January is a time when many people don’t feel particularly energetic following a break from routine, the excess of the festive season, plus the the short, dark days in the UK, not to mention the inevitable dip in mood all of this brings.

New Year Subtractions on the other hand are far more attractive and if, as a by product, they add value to life, you could end up gaining something amazing.

So here are my top 8 suggested subtractions and what you can expect to gain in return. Aim to declutter these this January and start simplifying 2019:

1. Stop Worrying

Worrying, ruminating and pessimism are all pretty destructive past-times. Maybe the bad things will happen but most likely they won’t.  But whether they will or won’t, all that time marred by negative thoughts (for the most part unnecessarily) is a waste and a shame. If you can let go then you gain the ability to appreciate the present moment. It is a gift to allow life to unfold one event at a time and to have the confidence to believe that, whatever happens, you will cope.

stop worrying

2. Declutter Your Clothes

Living with fewer clothes has many advantages. You can afford higher quality pieces, you have less decisions to make on a day to day basis (many CEOs and leaders choose to own less for the extra head-space it gives them), you can ensure everything fits you perfectly and you can coordinate all colours. The popular Project 333 encourages people to live with 33 items of clothing (including accessories and shoes) for 3 months. It has converted even those with previously vast wardrobes.

3. Reduce Sleep Time

So let me add a caveat here – you still need to ensure you’re getting at least 7 (or whatever your body needs) hours sleep. But I’m a big believer in rising an hour earlier in the morning. If you can do this (even if it involves going to bed earlier) you will suddenly have what feels like extra time. It could be your time to spend on something truly meaningful. Whether that is reading, meditating, exercise, work, writing, planning, practicing a hobby or simply enjoying some peaceful time.

early rising

4. Disconnect From Technology

It’s easy to let screen time dominate down-time. You could create clear rules for yourself i.e. no devices after 8pm, during mealtimes, on one weekend day. Technology is a big part of my life but I have a rule whereby if I want to log on, I have to have a clear purpose. I have to have in my mind what I require to get out of the action. Since I instilled this rule, I’ve stopped losing hours in mindless scrolling. I have also seen relationships improve and gained more time.

5. Shorten The To-Do List

I’m an Organiser so naturally I love a list! But one of the best productivity tips is to have less rather than more on your daily to-do list. It means you will be more likely to get things done.  You will give yourself a focus and avoid overwhelm. Have no more than three priorities  that you want to achieve each day.

to do list

6. Bin Bathroom Products

Most people store a multitude of toiletry and make up products which remain unused or rarely used. They often end up past their use by date and cluttering up the sanctuary of the bathroom. Use up wherever you can (if a face cream doesn’t suit your skin, slather it on your feet) keep what you love and buy quality in future. The result is more space, a more serene environment and a better quality experience.

7. End Toxic Relationships

Clutter is anything which does not support the best version of yourself. This includes people who put you down, hold you back or freeze you out. Under certain circumstances, it really is okay to declutter people. Allow the valuable, meaningful relationships to rise to the surface. Nurture these and focus on adding value to them too.

8. Avoid Toxic Substances

I don’t just mean the obvious such as illegal drugs, excess alcohol and smoking. I mean anything that does not add value to your body. Like excess sugar, salt, dairy, caffeine or processed food. To much food in general is of course toxic to your body in terms of weight management. Also, overuse of medication such as eye drops or paracetamol can cause allergies or increased side effects. By getting in the mindset of avoiding what doesn’t nourish your body, you want to eat healthily and naturally as well as look for natural ways to deal with pain and discomfort where possible.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with what really, truly matters to YOU.

Thank you for reading!

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