Organise Your Life – which insurance add-ons do you need?

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Insurance Add-Ons – Which Ones are Actually Useful?

While taking out home insurance can be a nuisance of a home admin task but it’s simply one of the ways to organise your life. It’s crucial to ensure that you are financially secure should an emergency strike. Each provider will have different policies and it can be very confusing! You don’t want to be paying over the odds and effectively cluttering your life up with policies you don’t need. So, add-ons need to be tailored to your needs.

The sole purpose of insurance is to provide help when you need it most. With various add-ons to consider, here are 5 of the most useful that can provide additional security for your home.

Legal Expenses Cover

If you need to make or defend a claim, taking out legal expenses cover will foot the bill for legal proceedings. Whether you’ve experienced a personal injury or a property dispute, some insurance providers factor in this cover as standard should you take out home insurance from them. However, the majority of providers charge a fee.

Accidental Damage Cover

If you are known to be clumsy, paying for accidental damage cover may be the best option to take. Accidental damage cover will pay out for those instances where you have accidentally spilled a drink over your sofa. Or if you’ve tried to hang a picture on the wall and accidentally banged through a water pipe. If you have young children especially, taking out accidental damage cover will bring you peace of mind.

Home Emergency Cover

Whether your boiler has broken down, a window has broken, or you have blocked drains, home emergencies can strike when you least expect them. Understandably, you will want the issue fixed immediately. So, instead of worrying about paying out a fortune to get a professional round, taking out home emergency cover is advised. The cover can include a range of emergencies, such as electrical faults and replacement locks. You can search through your home insurance options on websites like Here you can find more information on add-ons like home emergency cover to help organise your life.

Personal Belongings Cover

Another add-on to your home insurance that is worth considering is personal belongings cover. This will cover your items that you carry around in day to day life, such as your mobile phone and jewellery. Most basic plans cover possessions up to £1,000. You do have the option to cover items worth over £1,000. However, you will need to let your insurance provider know so they can add these items to your policy.

Bicycle Cover

If you enjoy regular exercise and go cycling, you may want to consider taking out bicycle cover alongside your home insurance. Your bikes will often be left unattended at home, so to give you peace of mind, taking out bicycle cover will insure you and your family’s bikes against damage or loss. Some providers may already have your bicycles covered in content insurance. So, it’s important that you check first.

While you may have standard home insurance cover in place, there are other areas that it may not cover. To organise your life, spend a little time getting this right. Insurance add-ons like the ones listed above will mean you are protected for any eventuality and won’t have to pay out for features that you won’t use.

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