Out with the New, In with Less: A Talk about Simplicity in Our Busy Lives

Chances are you’re nestled among a collection of stuff. Some items you adore, others… Well, they’re just squatting in your space, gathering dust. Ring any bells? Why are we all a bit like magpies with our belongings? And how we can gently, yet firmly, show them the door and inject more simplicity into our lives.

Why Do We Hoard Like It’s Going Out of Fashion?

First off, let’s tackle the big question – why do we hoard? It’s not as simple as liking shiny things. Older generations are notorious for holding onto items as if they’re life rafts. They remind us of good times, they give us a sense of security, or they’re for those ‘just in case’ moments (eyeballing the ancient juicer in the back of the cupboard).

It’s all a bit psychological, really. These things we cling to are like little pieces of us, reflecting who we are and, sometimes, who we wish we could be (yes, unused gym equipment). But let’s be honest, this attachment doesn’t just fill up our homes; it crams our minds with clutter, too.

When Your Home’s a Jumble, So’s Your Mind

Here’s a revolutionary thought: what if having less stuff actually means more? More room, more peace, more simplicity and, let’s not forget – more cash in the bank (and who doesn’t love that?). A tidy space equals a tidy mind. Imagine being able to locate the TV remote without a full-scale expedition!

Finding Joy in What’s Not There

This is where JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out – comes in. It’s about being content with what you’ve got and not drooling over your neighbour’s latest purchase. True happiness doesn’t come in a parcel from online shopping.

The ‘Less is More’ Lifestyle

  1. Baby Steps: Don’t go trying to declutter your entire house in one fell swoop. Start with something small, like that infamous junk drawer. 
  2. Marie Kondo Who?: If it doesn’t make you happy, thank it (yes, out loud if you are fancy) and say goodbye. It’s all about appreciating its role in your life and then moving forward.
  3. Swap It Out Every time you bring a new item home, wave goodbye to an old one. It’s like keeping your home on a balanced diet.
  4. Digital Spring Clean: Yes, your digital world needs decluttering, too. Unsubscribe from those emails you never read.
  5. Experiences Over Things: Put your money into memories, not more stuff. The best times of your life didn’t happen in a shopping queue.
  6. The 20/20 Rule: If you can replace it for less than £20 and in less than 20 minutes, let it go.
  7. Fix It or Flip It: Before you buy something new, see if you can fix or repurpose what you already have. Unleash your inner DIY god or goddess!
  8. Spread the Love: Got stuff you don’t need? Donate it. Your old items could be someone’s new treasures.
  9. Green is the New Black: Reducing clutter isn’t just about your physical space; it’s about how you power it, too. Have a talk with solar panel installers and make a change. It’s about cleaning up the air as much as your living room. 

Time for a Change

This isn’t about losing out; it’s about making space for what truly matters. So, let’s toast to less mess, more clarity, the joy of simplicity and finding things without a treasure map. 

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