Quick Results

1 -2 sessions (usually 2 - 6 hours)

£35 per hour (£45-£50 per hour in London)

The goal is to make maximum impact on the space within the time we have. Often one or two sessions is enough to transform an averagely cluttered, smaller room or area. It is also a great idea to book this package if there is more to achieve but you want to get a picture of the process before committing. We can take up to a carload of items away following the sessions so that you see maximum benefits straight away. Some people just need a push in the right direction and then they can go on to achieve the rest of their decluttering and organising goals on their own.

Real Results

3 - 5 sessions (usually 9 - 20 hours)

£32 per hour (£42 - £45 per hour in London)

Three to five sessions will usually take place over several weeks/months. We will be able to deal with a very heavily cluttered room or multiple rooms and make serious impact.  The space will be completely transformed!  We will implement simple but effective organising techniques to enable you maintain the changes. You might choose this package if you have a big job to do on a contained space such as a loft, cellar or garage.

Extensive Results

6 sessions plus (usually over 20 hours)

£30 per hour (£40 per hour in London)

Six sessions plus is ideal to make noticeable and lasting changes to your entire home. We can achieve so much within this time! Obviously what is achieved will depend on how things were to start with but the aim would be to complete a significant amount of decluttering, provide you will expert organisational systems, change the way you run your home for the better and for your whole way of thinking to have evolved. You will feel far more comfortable and content in your home and you will feel the full benefits of going on a decluttering journey. If you want a more organised home, the change in mindset and habits is an important as the practical side so coaching will be a focus too. Don’t forget that we are committed to donating any of your unwanted items to charities and preventing as much as possible from going to landfill.

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