Simple Steps to Create Kitchen Calm from Kitchen Chaos.


Most people with whom I discuss tidying and decluttering cite their kitchen as the room which causes the most disquiet.

If you think about it, it’s really obvious why. So many different activities occur in the kitchen. It is often the room with the most storage and the largest range of usable possessions. Cooking, eating, entertaining, laundry, washing up, work, study, crafts and general hanging out. Each activity has the capacity to create disorder and dirt; two complaints that I hear most often.

You NEED a kitchen that you can enjoy.

When working with clients, I often suggest tacking the kitchen first.


Kitchen equipment is usually low emotion meaning it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to separate what you need from what you don’t. You will be able to make easy, snap decisions and move quickly through this task. In addition, decluttering this room has a high impact. Mums the nerd has a great post on getting great value from a luxury kitchen too. The items you do decide are superfluous to requirements can be bulky and numerous so you will see a HUGE difference in terms of creating space and order. In turn, this will spur you on and leave you full of energy to embark on the next project.

Here is a simplified “quick guide” to tidying your kitchen (NB the steps must be followed in order!)

  1. Declutter

    What is kitchen equipment? Absolutely anything that you wish to use in the kitchen. So as well as the obvious such as food, crockery and pans, it might be your first aid kit, sewing box, place settings, tea towels, candles and crafts (personally, it also includes my nail file and varnishes.Gather them from all corners of the house and bring them to the kitchen.

    Next, empty everything out onto the floor.
    Yes, everything.

    Ensure you have at least five labelled boxes or large bags to hand. Then give each kitchen item in turn your undivided attention and choose one of the following options: Keep, Donate, Recycle, Throw Away, Sell.

    Be decisive. Your home and your head needs to keep only that which adds true value.

  2. Store

    Almost all items you decide to keep should be stored inside cupboards or on the walls.That’s right, you should aim to have as little as possible out on the surfaces. Exceptions would be your kettle, toaster or anything else heavy and cumbersome.

    You may protest at this. Perhaps you are thinking it could be irritating to take items from cupboards and then return them. I promise you that once you try this method, the advantages of having clear surfaces far outweigh the small inconvenience.

  3. Clean

    You are now in the perfect position to achieve what will ultimately create a serene environment within your kitchen.Ease of cleaning is truly the main aim when it comes to ensuring your kitchen is a wonderful place to be. Cleaning should be done constantly. Every time you use a surface or the hob. Every time crumbs fall on the floor. During cooking, run a hot cloth over everything when there is a lull in proceedings. If you do this, cleaning will never feel like an ordeal and because of your clear surfaces, it will be quick and easy.

Before the Declutter and Store steps have been completed, cleaning is a difficult and a thankless task.

Now it’s easy.

Use your items with maximum space and beauty around you. Put away after use. Clean as you go. Reset, repeat and start enjoying your kitchen.

Thank you for reading

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