The advantages of decluttering your bedroom

decluttering your bedroom

When decluttering first became a thing, it felt a lot like your mum nagging you to clean your room, and it was all about making people feel bad for having stuff. Yet, as is often true in life, what we discern as a mum nagging us is wisdom. It is a knowledge of something better for us that we cannot see, but we understand when the work is done. Especially when it comes to decluttering your bedroom.

The constant demand from our parents to clear out our room was nothing to do with control, as we once thought, and everything to do with keeping us mentally healthy. When we are overrun with stuff, it becomes harder to find the things that matter, and we can lose sight of what is important. It becomes a reflection of how our head is working. Consequently, simplifying our life, starting with our bedrooms, is one of the best ways to destress and find calmness.

Here we explore the many advantages of decluttering your bedroom and your mind by extension.

You sleep better

Having a bedroom that is overflowing with stuff, especially electrical items, can get in the way of restless sleep. The calmer our sleeping area, the more conducive to restful sleep. Watching television, playing with your phone, or other such activities should be cleared out of your bedroom.

A cluttered bedroom can also bring the busyness of life into your place of relaxation. Exacerbating stress with sleeplessness can lead to depression, diabetes, and cardiac issues. Therefore, a good tidy up is good for your health. Create a bedroom that is a fortress of solace, where the chaotic world outside can’t get in.

Less to clean

The more stuff you have, the more there is to collect dust. You want to be cleaning that dust away, as it is a cause of allergies and respiratory problems. Some studies suggest that the air inside our rooms is more polluted than that outside.

You have two choices here. Choice one, have lots of stuff and clean often. Alternatively, you can clear out the clutter, keep your bedroom minimal and breathe easier through the night.

You allow only quality objects in

The point of decluttering is to leave yourself with only the items that matter to you. It is not about leaving yourself in some form of monks’ cell but having a space where each object brings you joy. Therefore, looking at your bedroom through the lens of “what really matters to me” can help you create a haven for yourself, using objects that genuinely bring meaning into your life.

Clearing out the stuff you don’t need makes it easier to find the things you want. We spend about 3 hours a week of our life looking for things we have lost. Consequently, by decluttering our bedroom, we give us the chance to find the things that get our day going quicker. Imagine getting dressed and knowing where everything is the moment you need it. This is what decluttering your bedroom can achieve.

More money, fewer decisions

If there is one truth in life, we have far too many choices to make and never enough money. If we could only swap this around, we might live a more contented life. Therefore, choosing to declutter your bedroom can free you from deciding whether to own or not to own an object.

The point is that you don’t want stuff in your room, so you don’t need to think about things like this anymore. And the bonus is that you don’t spend the money to buy these things. With the intense pressure on our bank accounts, there is nothing better than tidying up and saving your funds for other things in the current climate.

Systematically decluttering could also make you money. You can charge people to take away your clutter if you use resell sites. We live in a time of rehoming and reusing and saving the planet; there is a win for the environment here too.

Create your haven of solace

While there are lots of wins from decluttering your bedroom, from cash to time, you need a place that is free from debris. Our mental wellbeing is connected to our home, and the more organised our rooms, the clearer our thought-process. Looking into the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Feng Shui, you will find the full spiritual experience of organising the objects around you and only have those that offer positive energy in your life.


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