Tidy Your Time


All of us on this planet have this in common: we all have the same number of hours in a day.

Consider exactly how you spent each second of this time over the last 24 hours….

If you thought it could have been your last day on the planet, would you have done anything differently?

Have you been spending your time on the things that matter? Getting the utmost value and living with intention?

Imagine if you always lived each day as though it could be your last! You wouldn’t be inclined to bother about the expectations of others. It would certainly jolt you into awareness. You would be 100% present and only making decisions based on your priorities.

It’s also true to say that all of us have a set amount of time left in this world. Although we think we have a good idea of how much, ultimately we don’t know. Yet there is one certainty: with each hour that goes by, we have less time left. The truth is, we can only lose time.

Why is it then that most of us waste so much time? It makes no sense. We can only lose time but we waste it? We spend time doing things we don’t enjoy, wishing for them to be over. We mindlessly read things on the internet that don’t inspire us. We watch things that we wish we hadn’t watched. We even finish books that bore us.

There’s nothing we can do about our diminishing time. But what we can control is our utilisation of it. Most of us could make huge leaps in terms of productivity. If we only set our minds to it.

Take the simple equation: Time + Productivity = Accomplishment. What makes some people more productive than others? As established, every one of us has 24 hours in the day. Some of us are born with certain advantages or disadvantages but the bottom line is that it is how we use that 24 hours that sets us apart from each other.

It seems the difference is mind set, which is a difficult thing to define. Those of us with a clear purpose and an ability to keep bring our focus back to that purpose are the ones who see productivity soar. So perhaps positive mind set is simply positive focus.

So how do we focus? Get rid of the clutter! The stuff you don’t need in your life or the things that are dragging you down. Physical, mental, emotional. Strip it all right back. Surround yourself with only that which is positive and that which will add value to your life. Surround yourself with less. Finally take stock of your life without distractions. Then decide what it is you want. With this new clarity gained, you will see what your goals are.

As long as you’re moving forward, edging towards your goals, you’re being productive with your time. You might not be where you want to be yet but you’re trying and you’ll get there eventually if you continue to utilise your time. Day in day out. Year after year.

So you have the power to be productive. Or you have the power to waste time. And you are the only one who can decide which way to go.

Use your time effectively.

You have 86400 seconds over the next 24 hours. How are you going to use them to move closer towards your goals?

Keep focused.

When you fail (which you will because we all do when we’re trying) pick yourself up and carry on. If you have fears, step into them but just carry on moving.

Don’t stagnate.

Be aware of your time; be present in your time. Gain the intelligence of spending time wisely.

Thank you so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind

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