Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Top 5 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Tips

top 5 cleaning tips

Clean and well-maintained carpets and upholstery give a good impression about the appearance of your home. However, with children and pets constantly messing things around, maintaining high levels of cleanliness can be an uphill task. Adults too often accidentally spill beverages and food on the upholstery or carpet, which may ruin the neatness. To remove the stains and dirt from your carpet requires thorough cleaning and the right use of carpet cleaning products. Some cleaning methods may damage your carpet and upholstery, that is why you need tips on how to clear the mess like a professional.

To save you the headache of finding an efficient way to clean your carpet and upholstery mess, we have a few professional cleaning tips that you can apply.

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips


The tips listed below are based on advice from professional carpet cleaning service providers.

Avoid Rubbing Stains

Anytime you see a stain on your carpet, rug, or seat, the first idea that comes into your mind is to rub it off. This is wrong! Rubbing the stain embeds it deeper into the carpet or rug’s fabric. The deeper the embedment, the harder it is to clean.

The next time your carpet gets a stain, do not panic, take a napkin or an absorbent paper, place it over the spill or stain and press it gently. The stains get absorbed, making cleaning easy.

Rotate Your Rugs or Carpets

Carpets or rugs are either easy or hard to clean based on their location. You may consider rotating them, for example, shifting the main doormat to other doors within the house. The rotation reduces the carpet or rug’s exposure to dirt and also reduces wear and tear.

Use Odour Eliminating Sprays

At one point or another, you may have smelt an unpleasant odour from your carpet. Some carpets and rugs, despite being clean, naturally have an unpleasant odour that may tarnish your household name if not managed. To counter such occurrences, you may consider using house sprays that eliminate bad smells.

Learn Some DIY Tips

The DIY tips involve the use of regular home cleaning essentials such as;

– Club soda to remove wine or beer stains.

– Vinegar mixed with water to remove juice and soft drink stains.

– Ammonia to clean ink and other tough stains.

– Wet wipes to clean light stains such as food stains.

Schedule a Regular Deep Cleaning Service.

You can easily find a carpet cleaner near you who offers professional cleaning services. As there are so many providers on the market, prices have become very competitive. Using a company such as this: carpet cleaners Balham or this Glasgow one – ASL Carpet Cleaning as an example, they charge just £30 for the carpet in one standard sized room to be thoroughly cleaned, or £55 for 3 rooms. You can also pay extra for your carpet to be protected which might be worth considering if you want it cleaning less regularly.

Carpet deep cleaning may also be referred to as steam cleaning. It involves a thorough cleaning of your carpet, leaving it germ-free, and giving it a brand-new look. It also increases the life span of your carpet and rugs.

Hope you find these carpet cleaning tips useful. Go for the one that fits your needs and favours your pockets. You can also turn yourself into a professional carpet cleaner by implementing the tips mentioned above.

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