Top Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Top Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

COVID-19 is bound to have affected sleep patterns, there isn’t the same structure to our day as there used to be which can cause havoc in a lot of areas of our lives!  If you have found yourself having trouble sleeping, we have put together some top tips for getting a good night’s sleep that could help you on your way.

Take Time to Relax

Usually, when people find themselves having difficulty sleeping – it is stress-induced.  That’s why it’s critical you take time to relax and unwind before you try to go to sleep.  We all relax in different ways, so it could be anything from taking a nice hot bath – to reading a good book.  Whatever it may be, make sure you set that time aside to get you in a state of relax.

Turn the Technology Off

It can be all too tempting to spend all night scrolling on social media channels, or binging on a boxset on Netflix, but actually this can cause you issues when it comes to nodding off.  Not only can this cause you a distraction and keep you up, it emits a blue light which can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin.  Ideally, you would be technology free an hour before you try to sleep.

Create a Peaceful Environment

Your bedroom should be your haven, so do whatever you need to, to create a peaceful environment.  This could be having scents, candles – or it could even be having ocean wave sounds playing in the background to create peace.  You should always try to get as comfortable as possible too – and have a bed that suits your needs.  That’s where companies like Happy Beds come into play.  A good bed is paramount to a good night’s sleep.  They also have put together some quotes to inspire you!

Create a Routine

Is there a specific time you go to bed at each night?  You should try and create a routine to get your body ready for sleep.  It doesn’t need to be a hugely rigid timetable – however if you know your kids will be off to bed around half past 8 for example, half past 10 could be a reasonable hour for you to get to sleep and give you time to relax beforehand too.  Your body will get used to this routine, and you will find yourself falling asleep more readily.

Don’t Keep Watching the Clock

When you are struggling to nod off – it can be frustrating.  As such, a lot of people end up clock watching, and calculating the number of hours sleep the will get at certain times.  This will only fill you with more anxiety – and is likely to keep you up longer.  Don’t be tempted to stare at the clock and cause yourself additional stress.

If you are in a situation where your sleeping pattern is out of whack, or you just want to get more rest than before to boost your energy levels – hopefully these top tips for getting a good night’s sleep will help you get plenty of rest.

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