Top Tips to Use When Moving House to a New Location

Are you finally moving to a new home? Congratulations, but really, the work is just starting! But it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Consider these tried and true top moving tips by Volition Removals. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Research the best moving companies. Price isn’t everything, go for one with appropriate insurance and good reviews. You don’t need to pay the earth, but equally question why some quotes might be so cheap. Transparency in pricing will often be a reflection of the service itself.

2. Box Your Items Well

Do you have the original boxes to move your electronics and other various household gadgets? Use secure boxes with high-quality packing materials to keep your fragile items safe. Line TVs with cardboard and wrap them in bubble wrap. A good moving company will secure your TV with heavy blankets and straps.

3. Change Address 

Change your address at least one week before moving – this is one of the easiest things to forget. Don’t wait until you’re 14 days into a new home before you realise the Amazon shipment hasn’t arrived or your private mail is getting delivered to someone else.

4. Have a Quick Checklist

Every time you move, you’ll have a million or more things to remember. Make sure you don’t forget these essential tasks by compiling a quick checklist. Once you have your tasks down in writing or on your smartphone, don’t push them off, no matter how small they are.

5. Transport

As early as you can, set up a time to reserve your removal men. Think about the amount of space you’ll need and get a truck that has the right capacity. Think about how you will get yourself from A to B. Do you need a car, will you travel with your movers or will you get a taxi?

6. Care for Kitchen Equipment

Wrap your dishes in packing paper or bubble wrap, then place them vertically in a box. To prevent breaking and cracking, fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap or scrunched-up paper. Avoid packing too many heavy items together, as this could cause boxes to break or movers to strain when lifting. Heavy boxes are more likely to be dropped.

7. Little Ones

Moving house with tots in tow can be… let’s say, difficult! Plan ahead for childcare, especially while you’re Van is being packed up. That way, you can focus on making sure everything goes in the right spot. And don’t forget to pack a few toys to keep them entertained during the trip as well.

8. Ergonomics

It’s easy to feel burnt out when you’re moving to a new house. So work smarter, not harder. While it’s tempting to want to clean as you go, it can end up taking a lot more effort. Pack up all your boxes, and clean when the space is empty and everyone is done leaving footprints in your house.

9. Use Clear Labelling
Moving House to a New Location

Label your boxes like a pro! It will help if you label boxes according to the names of the items and rooms they belong in. Make sure the labels are written clearly and accurately. Don’t forget to label the sides and the top of the boxes for easy loading and unloading.

10. Picking a Day to Move

Pick the perfect day and a convenient time to move. You’ll want to do this at least one month in advance, if possible. You can start by playing around with tentative moving dates before you settle on the right one.

Remember that most moving companies are often busiest Fridays to Sundays. Why not skip the weekend chaos and plan your move for, say, a Tuesday? You might even get a discount.

11. Invite Friends to Help

You may have to rely on family or friends to help you move. Ask them in advance and let them know as soon as you a set moving day. Remember, it’s better to ask more people than you think – many hands make light work, but also remember that your friend’s backs are not insured like the trained staff of a professional removal company, so leave the heavy lifting to them.

12. Packing Your Travelling Case

When you arrive at your new home, all of your things will be in boxes. But there are a few items you’ll need before you start unpacking. Try storing your toothbrushes, a couple of changes of clothes, and a few other necessities in a traveling case. That way, you will have all the essentials on hand after your first night in your new home.

13. Priority Documents

Keep your important documents gathered in an easy-to-access travel case or briefcase. Having these documents on hand will ensure they arrive at your new home safely and they’ll be accessible when you need them.

14. Charity Box

As you’re packing up your belongings, look for unused and unwanted items to donate. Having a charity box will help you reduce clutter in your new home while helping those who need it.

15. Time

Moving always takes longer than you think it will, especially if you have to include travel time. Plan a wide window for your move to avoid unnecessary stress. Especially with a professional team to help you, your experience moving house can be fun and exciting.

Hopefully, you find these tips useful. Following these moving tips can help to reduce your stress during the process. Start life in your new home off on the right foot with an enjoyable moving experience.

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