Telephone/Skype Declutter & Organise Coaching Sessions

Virtual decluttering sessions and life coaching calls.

Virtual Coaching Sessions are for you if:

•You feel overwhelmed by clutter and/or disorganisation,

•You need a non-judgemental and supportive ear as well as a motivational, professional organising expert,

•You are ready to commit yourself to making some seriously positive changes to your environment,

•You are not able to commit to one on one sessions at home due to your location or time commitments,

• Or you simply prefer to do the work on your own but need the expert planning, guidance, motivation and feedback

Virtual Coaching can take place in the form of one-off sessions lasting 40 minutes or a series of sessions. The great thing is that these calls can take place on evenings and weekends as well as during the day, offering you complete flexibility. The content of them is agreed after a free initial discussion and is completely bespoke to you. Examples of popular content regularly requested by clients are as follows:

* How best to approach decluttering and a practical, step by step, how to guide on what to do,

* How to tackle specific projects such as your kitchen, wardrobe, garage etc,

* How to deal with paperwork mayhem and implement a simple but brilliant filing system,

* What daily routines to add to your life to ensure the smooth running of your household,

* How to create a morning routine that runs like clockwork,

* Guidance on the most effective storage solutions,

* How to deal with sentimental items – how to store/display your treasured possessions and when/how to let go,

* Guidance on how to get the utmost out of selling, what and where to recycle and where to donate,

* How to deal with “clutter hotspots” within your home,

* How to fold and store clothes to maximise space.

You can also purchase a 12 session package course of Virtual Coaching. The exact content of the course and spacing of the sessions will be pre agreed with you depending on individual circumstances. This is a chance to gain expert advice and guidance to declutter and organise your whole life! The best part is that if you book a 12 session course, you only pay for 10 sessions.

For one off Virtual Coaching sessions, the price is £35 per 40 minute session and includes an email follow up to summarise the discussion and outline the action points.

The 12 session course is £350 and includes written follow up. The course or a one off sessions also make a unique gift.

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