Ways To Instantly Update Your Bedroom

update your bedroom

If the lack of elegance in your bedroom is keeping you awake at night, try one of these simple solutions. This selection of easy, budget-friendly bedroom upgrades can add individuality while also providing comfort and functionality. Enjoy these tips on how to update your bedroom.

Add some pops of colour

If you keep the walls and furnishings in your bedroom neutral, you can easily add pops of colour whenever and wherever you like. Choose one or two colours that you like and use them in vivid artwork, bright bedding, and dazzling decorations.

Add texture

Changing the linens in a bedroom can easily change the texture; simply use a fluffy throw in the winter and a cotton throw in the summer. Textures appeal to a wide range of tastes. Look at using hessian, leather, and silk as well. It does not have to be just in terms of fabrics and linen – furniture could be made from metal or wood, and you can add ceramics, china, and glass into the mix as well. 

Add some accent details

Pillows are particularly good for adding accent details to a room. Accent pillows allow you to easily change a room’s personality and colour balance. Because the bed is a natural focal point, they are extremely effective in the bedroom. Pillows add volume, pattern, depth, colour, and individuality to a room in an instant. An assortment of vibrant cushions draws attention to a delicate cream backdrop, for example. These white feather pillows can be a great addition to your bedroom.

Go bold and bright with bedding

Nothing compares to the look and feel of new bed linens. Consider a duvet if you want new bedding but don’t have the storage space for heavy comforters and blankets. You can change up the duvet cover every season.

Chuck in some patterns

Pattern, like colour, has an emotional charge that can help you get started with your decorating style. Patterns could be used to spice up a space, whether you choose sharp stripes, bright blooms, or classic natural linen. Drape an intriguing quilt or duvet across the foot of the bed to add a splash of pattern to an otherwise neutral room.

Build in some elegant details

Moulding can help to elevate the look of your bedroom according to this blog. Installing a frame of moulding along a wall and painting it all the same colour is easier than you think. Install window treatments 6-8 inches above the height of the window and let the draperies hang to the floor to create a stylish bedroom look. This is a simple technique to inject drama into a dull space.

Somewhere to sit

Is there no room for a separate lounge area in the main bedroom? It’s no problem! At the foot of the bed, place a bench or a small sofa. A seat at the end of the bed allows you more design options than just a place to sit while putting on your shoes. From the bed to the seats, mix and match beautiful pillows and throws.

Heavenly headboard

A bold headboard that may make a big difference right away is a great way to update your bedroom. You can find new headboards for all price ranges, but for a low-cost option, consider personalising your current headboard or using an unexpected reclaimed piece.

Add some artwork

Your bedroom is a great place for exhibiting personal photo collections. One method to surround yourself with memories is to decorate a wall with objects you love. Cut shapes from paper and tape them to the wall to try out different layouts for your pictures before settling on some great-looking frames to suit your space. Modify a piece of standard moulding to create a picture rail for a quick and easy hanging solution.

Upgrade your window treatments

Draperies and classic swags for a formal style, curtains and shades for an informal aesthetic, and simple blinds for a contemporary design are all good options for setting a mood. Consider lining that is appropriate for the treatment and your demands, such as room-darkening or insulating.

Let there be light

In bedrooms, general overhead lighting is less significant. Instead, use bedside lamps and other forms of accent lighting to transform a room into a welcoming, relaxing haven. It’s also crucial to consider the type of light—replacing an old light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent could give your bedroom the boost it needs.

These tips can really elevate your bedroom from basic and boring to bold and beautiful – without breaking the bank. You can update your bedroom on a budget.

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