What does a professional organiser do?

How it works – Decluttering & Organising

Have you ever asked yourself – what does a professional organiser do? Organising and Decluttering is heavy work. It is not only physically demanding but mentally demanding too. In one session you will be making a lot of decisions. It is easy to get tired and want to give up but we are here to help you persevere and reach your goals! If you have physical challenges, this is also where we step in to help. Many people start their decluttering and organising project, only to stop because it was harder than expected. There are so many tips we have picked up over the years (see this round up of tips from professional organisers, where we’re featured, for starters)

First Step: Free consultation

Clutter or disorganisation can often lead to overwhelm, therefore it is always helpful to speak to someone who understands the challenges that come with it and knows the best ways to turn chaos into harmony. We will offer you a free phone consultation to get a better idea of what your challenges are and what your goals and ideal outcome would be. We will answer questions about pricing and time frame.

Second Step: An In-home assessment

If you are ready to move forward with the process we will book an initial in-home assessment. This is usually no longer than 45 minutes, but depends on the size of the project and your home. You will navigate through your home so we can identify the areas that you would like to focus on. We will get a better understanding of your needs, your style so we can get a realistic time frame of how long it will take to achieve your goals.

We may take photos (with your permission) for more measurement purposes and planning prior to the first session.

Please don’t worry though, we will never judge or criticize, we have seen all types of homes and situations. We work with compassion and kindness, always.

We are happy to share our ideas and suggestions for the space and how we may work together. If you decide to go ahead with booking a first session in, we will take a small booking deposit at the end of the consultation. This will be offset on your first invoice.

We will discuss what type of purchase you would like to make, prepaid, package or pay as you go (more info on our pricing page)


Third step: The Session

You can see how important the preparation stage is when it comes to answering the question ‘what does a professional organiser do!?’. When it comes to the first session,we prefer to do a minimum of 4 hours for sessions as the maximum progress can be made within this time. It does however, depend on your stamina and the time you have to commit. This can be discussed at the assessment stage.

We will work with you throughout the session to teach you the skills needed to maintain what we have done. We will help you sort through your belongings, help you make decisions, work in a focused area, help put systems into place and develop strategies to maintain the finished result.

We provide invaluable advice along the way and always there to listen and chat about anything, being an outside, non-judgmental sounding board for things you can’t discuss with friends or family.


We hope that’s made the answer to ‘what does a professional organiser do?’ clearer and that it’s motivated you to get started. The first step is visiting your area to contact your local organiser or browse the packages.


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