10 Types of Sofa Sets that Sync with Any Living Room Decor

At A Tidy Mind we’re passionate about home style and interiors. We love helping our clients find pieces of furniture that are both functional and joyful. The first and the hardest step in purchasing a sofa set in the UK is determining which type is appropriate for your room and lifestyle. There are many different types of sofa available. Whether you’re looking for a budget sofa online, want to visit furniture stores in person or have a made to measure sofa, it’s a big decision. Fortunately, we’re here to remove any uncertainty from the process.

Mid-Century Modern Sofas

types of sofa mid century

Mid-century modern furniture, such as conventional sofas, may be the appropriate choice for your home if you want your furnishings to look contemporary but not overly odd. The furniture from the middle of the 20th century serves as inspiration for mid-century modern furniture designs.

Modern / Contemporary Sofas

If the mid-century modern style of your interior design just feels a little too old to you, you might go for a more modern sofa. In general, you may anticipate a more modern design to be somewhat minimalist and straightforward. Ikea sofas often have a clean, fresh Scandinavian look.

Casual sofas

When it comes to living room furniture, casual furniture design is among the most common and universally appealing types of design. A comfy, squishy sofa to sink into after a hard day is a wonderful feeling! If you want more ideas in this vein, check out our blog on how to maximise comfort in your home.

Transitional Sofas

You may have the finest of both traditional and contemporary designs with a transitional design. Due to their vast range of aesthetics and adaptability, transitional sofas could appeal to everybody. If you want to sell or rent your home in the future and are thinking ahead to home staging, these sofas appeal to the widest range of people.


types of sofa sectional

Because they can be configured in so many different ways, sectional sofas have become more and more popular in recent years. Leather or cloth sectional sofas are both available, and many come with recliners.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds in the UK are quite widely used. Due to their versatility, these sofas are popular. They serve as seats during the day, but at night, the cushions may be taken out to form a fold-out bed. If you don’t have a guest room, sofa beds are a great option. They offer pleasant sleeping and are easy to put up. A sofa bed is the ultimate solution if you want a room to be multi use e.g. a guest room and a home office space.

Corner Sofas

Instead of having numerous chairs or sofas, a cozy and affordable corner sofa will give you the best of both worlds. Corner sofas are popular for their ability to make the most of limited space in living rooms.

Why else would you want to expand the appearance and feel of your living room? Investing in a corner or l-shaped sofa makes it easy to create a sense of space and comfort. You can find several styles of corner sofa sets for sale in the stores near you.


types of sofa love seat

The loveseat couch is one of the most common pieces of living room furniture and is typically included in a set. Because they provide more seating while taking up less space than a standard sofa, loveseats are fashionable. Some love seats also have ottoman storage which is handy to hide those bits which aren’t exactly clutter but you just want to store out of sight!


The sectional sofa has been updated with chaise sofas. Chaise sofas have a single long cushion that is positioned at an angle from the rest of the couch, unlike sectional couches that have a different cushion for each location.

Curved Sofa

Another couch design that makes the most of the living room’s space is the curved sofa. Curved sofas may have a very distinctive appearance. Due to this, they are more frequently found in casual or modern design categories as compared to more conventional ones.

Final Words

What general aesthetic you want for your living room – or whatever other room in your house your sofa will be in—is one of the most important aspects to take into account. We hope you’ve found this blog useful when it comes to considering the types of sofa around. Enjoy searching for sofa styles and design possibilities if you’re shopping for living room furniture.

Some of our home organisers have a particular design flair to their work with clients and we can work virtually with clients from all over the world. Check out Maria based in Cambridgeshire and Craig based in London.


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