12 Surprising Ways Clutter Is Ruining Your Life

Why do we hang onto clutter?

For some, it’s sentimental reasons.  Shelves of books that remind us of a favorite university course. Hanging ornaments that were a misguided gift from relatives. Cherishing baby clothes that once fit our now-grown children.

Or could it be, as some studies suggest, related to fear. Fear of deprivation, fear of regret, fear that someday those harem pants will come back in style?

Either way, we all benefit from striking more balance. A happy medium between holding onto, and releasing, all the miscellaneous in our lives.

Clutter can cause serious harm.

Life gets harder when clutter overtakes us. Everything takes longer. Getting ready in the morning becomes a struggle when you’re battling a cramped closet. Packing for a trip becomes stressful when you can’t find your passport underneath a mountain of paperwork.

And it’s not just us. Piles of stuff take a toll on our loved ones, too. Those with hoarding disorder have higher divorce rates than those who do not hoard. And children especially are sensitive to extreme clutter, since it can severely distress them – even outside the home. You can also check divorceanswers.com for other reasons why there’s a higher rate of divorce

Curious to learn more about the negative impact of clutter on your life?

Take a look at the below clutter infographic from MakeSpace.
MakeSpace Clutter Infographic

When you’re ready to start your path to a clearer life, take a look at this room-by-room guide to thoughtful decluttering.

Note: Although MakeSpace doesn’t serve the UK at this time, they are growing! In the meantime, stay tuned to makespace.com to see where they’re headed next. And hop over to the MakeSpace blog for super actionable tips on organizing everything in your home.

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