3 Simple Ways to Find Extra Space in Your Home

extra space in your home

No matter how big your house is or how well you are currently using the space in your home, we could all do with that extra bit of room. Do you ever feel you want extra space in your home?

Whether you are a bit of a hoarder and cannot bring yourself to part with that shirt that no longer fits, or your home is not the biggest finding that extra space you need does not have to be too difficult.

By modernising areas of your home to maximise the space that you already have, you can maximise your home’s potential.

The need for more space is one of the most common reasons why individuals decide to move homes, but what if we told you that you could enjoy all the extra space you need without the hassle of packing up? Check out our top 3 tips below.

Switch To A Modern Heating System

If you are short of space in your home then every inch can make a difference, which is why transforming your modern heating system is one of the best places to start.

Having a boiler in the kitchen can take up a considerable amount of space and radiators can make it difficult to fit furniture in as you would like. Bbright know all about the type of underfloor heating that will remove the need for radiators altogether, so you can enjoy more flexible and efficient heating which frees up extra square footage in your home.


To optimise the space you have, ensure you only keep what is of utmost value to you. Be realistic about what you have the storage room to keep. Before you purchase anything new or accept donations from friends and family, ask yourself whether you have room for it. Also, the simple ‘one in, one out’ rule is an oldy but a goody when it comes to staying in control of your belongings.

If you live in a clutter-free space, rooms will automatically seem more spacious as too much stuff feels crowded and impacts greatly on living space. Read more decluttering tips here.

Make Rooms Dual Use

While traditionally we tend to use the rooms in our home for specific activities, dual-use rooms are starting to become a lot more popular.

If you have room in your kitchen for a dining table, then you could combine your kitchen space and free up a whole other room in your house for other uses, such as an extra sitting room or office space.

Similarly, if your home is small but you need an area of the house to work from home, then why not add a desk to the corner of your living room where you can get your work done without losing an entire room to your home office.

Fill Awkward Spaces

From uniquely shaped rooms to chimney breasts in the walls, there are a few places that you may have awkwardly spaced areas to fill. But in a compact and small home, every corner needs to be utilised to its full potential.

Make the most of the space located under the stairs by adding storage solutions such as shoe racks and coat hangers. This takes some of the pressure off you having to find space for these items in other rooms and frees up extra space.

Not sure what to do with your chimney breast? Make it a feature wall or add bookshelves in the alcoves to make it your own library.

By following our tips and advice, you can get creative when finding extra space in your home. By changing how you use each room and ensuring that you are utilising every inch, you can find extra space and make your home even more energy efficient (check out this blog for more sustainable living tips).

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