5 ways to deal with ‘ New Home -itis ‘

new home

The lead-up to moving day is a whole barrage of excitement and tension. And when we finally move into our new home, all of a sudden, we find that we are in a foreign environment. The first few weeks in a new home is a strange period of time. And while we can give it time for it to feel like home, what can we do to get rid of that sensation of “new home-itis?”

Bring Out All of Your Favourite Items

It should be a priority, especially if you are trying to recreate that comfy feeling. When we have little items of furniture that we take pride in, but we find the movers damaged them, it can take the shine off somewhat, but when you are trying to create a sense of comfort, don’t forget you can create a little favourites box that is an instant dose of comfort wherever you go. If the move has damaged your valuable possessions, like antique chairs, there are specialists like Priorypolishes.co.uk that provide restoration services. A new home is strange, but this means we’ve got to create those little touchstones as soon as possible.

Recreating Familiar Sights and Sounds 

A little trick that helps people to adjust to their new environment is to recreate things that were reminiscent of their old home. It’s not always possible, but if you lived in a built-up city area, you might feel the sound of traffic somewhat soothing. There are plenty of websites that play various types of noises. The Mynoise.net site provides a plethora of noises to help people focus and to relax. Whatever you need to do, you should recreate that feeling of home. 

Prioritise the Children’s Rooms 

There are two reasons that you need to do this. If you have young children, you need to make this new environment as close to their old one as possible so this will minimise any chance of regression, but it is also the perfect way to make your children happy as soon as they go into the new place. If they are old enough and want to spend the afternoon unpacking their collection despite the rest of the home being in disrepair, this will make them happy. 

Creating New Smells 

If you want your home to feel like home straight away, you need to think about what home is for you. It could be about the smell of a home-cooked meal, in which case, make it a priority to make a meal that first night you are there rather than ordering pizza. It’s a wonderful way for you to start turning a foreign environment into something comfortable. 

One Room at a Time 

If you have a lot of decorating to do, there may not be any point in completely unpacking everything at first. Take the opportunity to paint the walls a neutral colour, and after you focus on the kids’ rooms, recreate those sensations of home in terms of sights, sounds, and smells. A new home is a new opportunity to redecorate and create something new, but if you want to have a mixture of old and new, you can certainly straddle the balance.



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