5 Ways to Make a Shed More Secure

shed more secure

As outdoor buildings, sheds are more vulnerable than a home. Thieves are more likely to target a garden shed because they often contain items that are easy to sell, such as bicycles and power tools. If you want to ensure your garden shed isn’t broken into while you are in bed or away on holiday, you must put some basic security measures in place. The following article contains a useful rundown on shed security essentials. Pay heed and invest in as many as possible to avoid losing your precious belongings.

Door and Window Locks

Sheds don’t typically come with locks; most people add them later. Without a decent lock, anyone can break into a shed with nothing more than brute force. Cheap sheds don’t have strong doors and even with a lock, the door can be forced. Windows are another weak point in a standard shed. Single-glazed windows with weak frames can be forced open and if large enough, a smaller thief will have no problem climbing in.

It is wise to upgrade to a better-quality shed. Get a shed for you garden that has a fully framed door, so you can fit a strong mortice lock or yale lock. If you decide to fit a cheaper pad bolt, make sure you use the right bolts and reinforce the door with a metal plate, so the lock can’t be cut out.

Pay attention to door hinges too, as cheap external hinges are easy to unscrew and remove.

Most sheds have windows, but windows are a weak point. A double-glazed window is stronger than a single-glazed window. Make glazed windows shatterproof by adding a laminated coating. Fit locks to the windows and if you use your shed to store valuable items, consider fixing a metal grill to the inside of the window.

It is also a good idea to fit a curtain or blind over windows, so people can’t peek in and scope out items. If a thief knows the shed contains valuables, they are far more likely to put a lot of effort into gaining entry, whereas not knowing will deter them to an extent.

Security Lighting

Lights are a burglar’s worst enemy. No thief wants to be caught under a powerful light while breaking into a shed. It draws too much attention and makes it easier to ID them if there are security cameras in the vicinity.

Fix a powerful motion-controlled light on the perimeter of the shed. Even better, fix several, so no part of the shed is in darkness. Mains-powered lights are the best option, but if that isn’t possible, go for the more expensive solar lights on the market.

Secure the Shed Roof

Surprisingly, it isn’t difficult to remove a shed roof if the right tools and a bit of brawn are available. This can be a quick and easy way for a thief to gain access, at which point all they need to do is throw out the items they want and then join them.

To prevent a thief from removing the shed roof, bolt or screw it down at regular intervals. The more fixings there are, the longer it will take to remove them, which is a big deterrent.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are relatively inexpensive these days and easy to set up, even if you don’t have much tech knowledge. Digital security cameras can be mains powered or wireless. Many come with an app that uploads live footage to the internet, so you can check your shed while you are not at home.

Popular options like Ring security cameras are really useful for sheds and other outdoor buildings. Not only do they record footage 24/7, but they also feature a siren alarm and a two-way talk system, so you can hurl expletives at a burglar before he makes off with your £2,000 bike.

It is best to buy the most expensive camera you can afford if your shed contains valuable items. Check whether your insurer offers any discounts for particular systems.

Alarm System

Basic alarms can be fitted as a DIY project and don’t need mains power. They will make a helluva noise when triggered and will be sufficient to deter any opportunist thieves. More sophisticated alarm systems generally need a professional installation but will likely secure you a discount on your insurance costs. You can also wire your shed into an existing home security system, but again, this requires the services of a professional installer.

Lastly, check your home insurance covers anything stored in a shed, specifically valuable items like bikes and power tools. While prevention goes a long way, it makes sense to have cover in place just in case the worst does happen.

Once you are confident that you have a secure shed, you can start enjoying this amazing additional space. Make sure you organise it and optimise the space so you can use it effectively. We have a blog post dedicated to shed storage coming soon. In the mean time, you might like to check out: How to best organise for a garden project

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