6 Ways To Dispose Of Your Old Furniture And Appliances

dispose of your old furniture

Over the years, there may be instances wherein you’d be decluttering your house, getting rid of all the unused items at home. Maybe there’s also a desire to give your home’s interior a boost and fresh look with new and updated furniture pieces. Or, on the other hand, perhaps, you’re relocating from your current place to a new home. Whatever the case, the need to get rid of old furniture and appliances is there. However, here comes the mind-boggling concern- how do you properly dispose of your old furniture or items you no longer use? To help you get started, here are proven options that you can consider: 

  • Donate To A Charity Organisation 

Donating can be an option that can help you quickly get rid of your items in a situation where there is no time to advertise on social media or physically look for a buyer. More so, being philanthropic is a virtue that is highly recommended when you’re thinking of how to dispose of your old furniture or appliances. Because, instead of disposing of them, why not give them a new life by gifting them to other people who may still benefit from them? 

For instance, think of organisations such as children’s orphanages or veteran homes. And fortunately, you don’t have to deliver your donations to the organisation’s premises. Instead, you can contact them and inform them of your home address so that they can plan to come for them. 

When you’re organising, a pro tip for you is to create an itemised list of the things you’re donating. Then, you can place the items outside your house if you’ll be away when they’re to be picked up. In addition, store the donation certificate and the itemised list for tax purposes.  

  • Give To Friends Or Family Members 

Another easy yet effective way of properly getting rid of your old appliances and dispose of your old furniture is by giving them to friends or family members. 

So, instead of troubling yourself looking for individuals to sell your old furniture or appliances to, you can consider reaching out to some of your friends or family members who you know might need them.  

  • Repurpose Your Items 

Repurposing your old appliances or furniture is another excellent idea you can give a try. Say you’re planning to replace your current living room furniture. Instead of disposing of them, why not repurpose these pieces as outdoor furniture on your patio? You can set up a canopy or shade in your backyard and re-use your old furniture to make it suitable for spending time during a hot afternoon.

Or perhaps, if you’ve got an old TV armoire, you can repurpose it by turning it into a clothing closet, pantry, play kitchen, bathroom storage, or sewing station.  

  • Sell Them Online 

If you own precious items, you probably want to gain some dollars by selling them. And perhaps, you can even use that money to add to your budget when buying new furniture or appliances. With that in mind, you can utilize the power of the internet and advertise your items on various platforms. For instance, you can post on social media or selling websites people commonly use to sell things.

However, it’s advisable to exercise diligence when selling items online to avoid being scammed. This includes getting to know a potential buyer first before finalizing the deal to ensure you’re talking to and working with a reputable buyer and not a bogus one. Also, when you’re expecting potential buyers in your home, ensure that your family members are at home or invite one or two of your friends. Avoid the temptation of welcoming strangers into your home while you’re alone to ensure your safety and avoid possible risks. 

In addition, you can also use a reliable online payment system for a faster and safer transaction. If your deal involves you shipping the furniture or appliance to where the buyer is, ensure that payments have been settled first before you do to avoid fraudulent or scam transactions.

  • Return Or Swap Old Appliances 

Some appliance manufacturers allow their clients to return old units and earn points. And in some cases, you can use those points to get discounts or incentives when purchasing a newer model or the latest version of an appliance. 

Usually, it’s a marketing strategy that some companies use to level up sales for their new equipment release. As a result, many customers will likely be willing to exchange their old appliances for new ones and add a small amount of money. 

This can be a great option to dispose of your old appliance, as it allows you to enjoy the latest model at a lower value than its usual market price. And more so, it’s a sustainable way of disposing of your old appliances. 

  • Take Advantage Of Large-Trash Pick-Up Days 

Suppose you live in a city or a community where the municipality operates one or two days each year where people can put their unwanted items and trash on a curb. In such a case, take advantage of such days. 

With that in mind, know the days when large-trash days usually happen and place your old appliances or furniture outside so they can be picked up. This can be a great option since you can be assisted in disposing of your items.

On the other hand, you might be living in a neighbourhood where there isn’t a trash pickup day. Or perhaps, the local trash pick-up service may not be able to accommodate the large items you want to dispose of. That shouldn’t worry you. In such a case, you may consider discarding the bulky items by hiring a junk removal company. However, note that this generally involves a fee, sometimes depending on the amount of space your items occupy.

And so, to ensure you get the least cost, you might need to take some time to research cheap junk removal services. Regardless of your city, you can get more than one company to compare their prices.  


Final Thoughts 

Depending on the prevailing circumstances, if you want to dispose of your old furniture or appliances may be either an easy or challenging task. And as such, you need to be aware of which option would work best for you. 

Hopefully, this article can be a good source of information on how you can discard your old appliances and furniture conveniently and sustainably.


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