6 Ways to Maximize a Kid’s Bedroom | Functional Design Tips for a Small Space

kids bedroom

For parents, there is much to consider when designing their children’s room to ensure the space is organized and fun. When you have limited space, making the most of the area can seem challenging — but with a little creativity and these six design tips, you can maximize every inch of your kids bedroom.

From optimizing storage solutions to adding flair with décor accents, discover useful advice for creating an aesthetically-pleasing, functional small bedroom that puts your child’s needs first.

1. Consider Your Child’s Interests

Take a step back from Pinterest-worthy design magazines and listen to your child’s desires when creating a bright and fun bedroom space. Involve them in choosing shapes, colors, themes, and anything else that brings out their character and personality.

Is your child an animal lover? Incorporate wildlife artwork or subtle hints of their favorite animal. Does your child have a passion for astronomy? Get inventive with mercury light fixtures and stars glazed onto walls.

Your child’s bedroom should reflect who they are, so give them a space that caters specifically to living out their passions.  

2. Choose the Right Furniture

When designing a small bedroom for your child, the best approach is to use inventive furniture solutions. Investing in multifunctional pieces, like an ottoman with drawers, helps free up much-needed floor space while adding a cozy place to sit and relax.

Use wall space to hang shelving systems and rails as an effective way to store bedding and toys.

Also, take advantage of modern designs and buy some cleverly designed furniture pieces that will help you use every available space in the room. Think of loft beds, bunkbeds.co.uk or even treehouse beds to reflect your kid’s adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. Check treehouse beds here.

They make use of vertical space and create an open floor plan, so the bedroom feels bigger than it is.

3. Maximize the Floorspace

If you’re designing a small bedroom for your little one, know that maximizing floor space can make the space feel roomier.

Select an artfully designed area rug to put down your foundation, as it’s both decorative and functional. It’ll amplify their room’s look and personality by adding texture and color while carefully defining different zones. Choose an unexpected shape for your rug, too — from hexagon to the moon. These out-of-the-box shapes can make the space seem larger than its walls.

Creative storage solutions are also important when you have a limited floor area. Install small cupboards under the bed or stack nursery drawers with colourful casters to store away everything they need within reach yet still tucked away.

4. Light Up the Room

You can’t overlook the power of good lighting; it can transform a limited space into an inviting and playful one.

Start by selecting light fixtures that suit the aesthetic of the room. Add layers to the lighting with adjustable fixtures to balance warm and chilly tones. You can even bring in creative accessories like wall sconces to help bring the whole concept together.

To keep things comfortable, ensure there are plenty of soft lights to reduce any potential glares or overheads that could make it difficult to sleep.

Also, consider natural lighting options. Large windows with warm curtains and blinds can introduce warmth and coziness into the design.

5. Choose Colours Wisely

Avoid darker tones such as deep purples, greys, and charcoals, which absorb light and create a cramped feeling. Instead, go for lighter shades like pale orange and yellows that can make a room look larger than it is. A light, neutral hue creates an airy atmosphere that won’t overwhelm a small area, while pastels make it more appealing.

Layer neutrals with pops of colour like blues or pinks in furniture pieces and decor accessories to tie the look together and create a vibrant mood. You can also wallpaper to create a fun and playful environment without dominating the room. 

6. Accessorize

With a kids bedroom, there are countless ways to accessorize with creativity and style. From wall art and decals to stuffed animals and other plush characters, adding personality to the space can provide comfort and joy.

Choose unique wall decals with your little one’s favourite colours or shapes to bring personality into the space.

You can also hand stuffed animals on the walls or in a corner hung from hooks in the kids bedroom. Soft teddy bears and other plush companions can also make the room feel inviting.

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