Areas Of The House To Declutter For The Holiday Season

Areas Of The House To Declutter For The Holiday Season

It’s a standard practice to declutter the house as the holiday season approaches, to make the home feel and look new without the usual somewhat disorganised appearance it may have throughout the year. With 1 in 2 Brits admitting to keeping belongings longer than necessary, it is fair to say that decluttering can be challenging, but necessary. Although you can choose to do a full-house decluttering exercise, it is sufficient to stick to a few selected areas. Here are a few areas you should declutter for the holiday season.

  • Living Room


It is a tradition for Many households to indulge in Christmas décor. This means doing away with non-essential items from bookshelves or centre-tables in your living room; they can always be returned to their original positions after the holidays. Decluttering your living room creates more space for you to display your Christmas decorations instead of creating a disorganized appearance when you add them to the already cluttered room.

  • Kitchen and pantry


When it comes to areas of the House To declutter for the holiday season, you may want to start with the kitchen. Your kitchen is the heartbeat of the house, and as the area where all your cooking will take place, it certainly needs to be decluttered. Try to leave in the kitchen the items that belong in there and the pantry. Check expiration dates on canned foods and clear out all pantry staples exceeding their ‘Best before’ dates. Declutter your kitchen countertops by storing away kitchen tools you would not need anytime soon. You should plan the meals you would be preparing during the festive season to give you an idea of the kitchen gadgets and other cookware you would need. The fewer items you store in the kitchen, the more space you will have to accommodate festive foods and guests. On the contrary, if your house has one of these made to measure kitchens, it is easier to go about your activities without causing much clutter. But when there is some clutter, you can get rid of it in no time.

  • The guest room


Usually, people make a habit of turning a guest room into a storage room, especially in homes where they do not have frequent guests visiting throughout the year. These guest rooms are filled with old prams (because babies got older), empty boxes, family memorabilia, and unopened gift items. To tackle the cluttered guest room, start by clearing out all non-essential items, deep clean the closet, and launder all bed linens. While you’re at it, take the time to clean and declutter the guest bathroom as well. 

Decluttering is by itself a relieving and rewarding exercise. Besides making your house look lighter, fresher, and pleasing to the eye, it has a therapeutic effect on you as a person. A decluttered home makes you enjoy moments better during the holidays. According to a 2018 UK home survey report, most Brits prefer to wait a few weeks to Christmas to declutter. However, that would not give you enough time to adequately get rid of the clutter before your guests start arriving. It is better to do so bit by bit during the year or wait till you have finished the process before you make it available to guests. Thinking in bitesized chunks is always helpful, to consider the diffferent areas of the house To declutter for the holiday season


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