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‘Clutter is a manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.’

(Christina Scalise).

Do you need an expert to help you tackle clutter and untidiness? Are you based in South London?

Hoarding is a significant problem if  the amounts of clutter interferes with your everyday living, causes distress and negatively affects your life and that of your family. The first step is realising that you have a problem. The second step can be seeking professional help to move your life forward.

Studies show that difficulties discarding objects can cause loneliness and mental health problems along with health and safety risks. If it’s not tackled properly, then unfortunately it’s unlikely to improve.

Compulsive hoarding can’t be solved overnight. Instead, it should be treated with patience, creativity, empathy and understanding, all of which our professional organiser in South London prides himself on.

A Tidy Mind is a professional home decluttering service who work in a wide range of locations, including South London, and can help people with a wide range of problems. Whether you need to declutter a wardrobe, several rooms or an entire property, our professional declutterer can help.

We work on both homes and commercial spaces in South London, helping you make the most of even the smallest space.

Discover more about booking a face-to-face consultation today. Or simply contact us today on 07423 821 879.

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