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Are you considering using a decluttering service in the capital?

Clutter makes us feel stressed, anxious and even depressed, and can be both a symptom and a cause of mental health issues. It plays a big role in how we see our own homes and businesses.

So, what is that makes clutter so stressful and why consider using a professional decluttering service in London?

Clutter causes high levels of stress because it bombards our mind with too many stimuli and distracts us from whatever our focus should be on. Making it difficult to relax physically or mentally, it also creates feelings of guilt because we feel it’s a mess we should be clearing up.

Clutter also inhibits productivity and creativity, which obviously the last thing you want in a working space, whether you’re studying or working at home. Everyone knows the frustration of trying to find a certain document in a massive pile of disorganised papers.

More than anywhere else, people are pressed for space in London, where house prices are the highest in the country, so it’s not surprising if many people here could benefit from a decluttering service- are you one of them?

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