Best Tips to Keep Your Workspace Clean for Better Productivity 

keep your workspace clean

It is natural for you to want to derive maximum output with the least effort and in the least possible time. Smart work and better productivity is seen as a must-have requirement in every job. It’s even more difficult if you are a business owner because the entire responsibility of low efficiency falls on you. Being productive is a quality that can deliver the best results while achieving everything within the deadlines and budget.

So how do we actually become that productive and is it a difficult task to do that? Not at all. To be productive there are some very simple tips you need to follow and one of the top ones is to keep your workspace superbly organized and absolutely tidy. This might sound like an average idea but it’s not. It’s one of the ideas that the true achievers regularly follow. Here’s how you can do the same.

  1. Keep your tech devices clean

All the devices – printers, computers, scanners, keyboards, etc, collect dust very fast. Some devices have fans inside them to cool them and this attracts dust particles which accumulate fast. To keep your devices clean, wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Also, disinfect their surfaces regularly.

One of the key things you might ignore while being busy with work is taking care of the phone you use. Keeping it in a good cover or protected by a screen guard is just the basics. Beyond this, you also need to regularly see if it is working optimally or not. Your iPhone is a magic device on which you can accomplish many tasks without having to log in to your computer. To make it work at optimum speed and see it performing like a new phone, clean it regularly. Deleting unwanted files and organizing apps are some of the cool ideas discussed in detail on These ideas will help your iPhone function at its best at all times. Whether you are in travel mode or at your workstation, the fact that your phone is in top shape gives you confidence in using it.

  1. Hide electrical wires and chargers

The look of tangled wires is unsightly and it also poses a safety hazard. You should use organizers, and clips or customize your furniture to keep the wires below it and at the back side of the workstation.

  1. Digitize documents

Scan all the documents into digital files and store them on the cloud. This will free up space and also reduce the search time. Digitization matters a lot in your quest to be productive. It saves a great deal of time and effort.

  1. Invest in organizational tools

Use organizers like tiered shelves and drawer dividers to store the paperwork and supplies. To make it easier to handle, categorize everything by labelling them. Instead of letting papers pile up, make it a habit to store them in the right places after every day or two. This is an easy way to achieve better productivity.

  1. Limit eating and drinking to specific areas

Cleaning the fridge and kitchen might be your big home admin tasks but prevent food and drinks cleaning to take up your precious time at workspace. Crumbs and spills will attract unwanted pests and also look dirty and make the place smelly. To avoid this, do not eat or drink where you work. There should be a designated break area for snacking and lunches or even coffee breaks. Water or coffee spills can end up damaging your gadgets and devices and taking a proper break will lead to better productivity.

  1. Set a cleaning schedule

Don’t make workspace clearing a spring cleaning task. Do it regularly and don’t wait for special occasions to take care of it. It has to be a habit, not an occasional need.

  1. Throw out what you don’t need

Old stationery, filled-up notebooks, broken peripherals, old computers, unrequired files – get rid of them as soon as you can. The idea is simple – if you don’t use it, discard it.


Being organized and working in a neat and tidy environment is a basic that everyone needs to follow. Seeing things scattered and dirt on your sleeves the moment you put your hands on the workstation is not the thing you would want when you have so many targets to achieve. These things are a real mood spoiler and can set you off track mentally. This is why following the above tips is so crucial. Sparing some time to make your workspace an ideal place to work goes a long way towards better productivity.

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