Elevate Your Home Office Setup For Style and Productivity

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Working from home has become a new norm for many Britons. In fact, almost 6 in 10 employees have mentioned they prefer working in a hybrid model that allows them to work from home most of the time and spend 1 or 2 days at the office. Meaning they have to consider home style and productivity. Post COVID, Britons work on average 1.4 days per week in the office. This means they spend almost 4 days working from home. 

As such, it makes sense to think of your home office also in terms of design. A practical setup is essential, of course, but when you spend the majority of your time  working from home, you want a space you can love. The typical home office setup includes a desk with drawers, a chair, laptop, keyboard, and basic lighting solutions. These elements serve a clear purpose. But adding a stylish touch to your workplace can transform it into an inspiring and motivating environment. 

Indeed, a stylish workspace goes beyond mere aesthetics. It greatly influences your mindset and work input. A thoughtfully designed workspace becomes a place that reflects your personality and tastes. Creating a sense of ownership and connection will boost not only your motivation but also creativity and job satisfaction. 

Natural light considerations

Natural light is an essential part of a productive setup. Our circadian rhythm is regulated by natural light, which means it can help feel alert and focused while you work. Besides, this will also save energy and boost your mood. 

That being said, harsh sunlight can also be detrimental, causing glare on screen and bringing too much heat. So, if your home office has a window, you want to look for an elegant solution to manage the amount of natural light that can seep through. With style in mind, made-to-measure Roman curtains can add a unique touch that elevates your decor. Unlike blinds, which can feel more neutral in style, curtains can inject a playful pattern. 

Wall paints and geometric details

What is the right wall paint colour for setting the mood in your home office? 

This may seem like an innocent question, but you’d be surprised by the typical wall colours in a British home office: white, cream, magnolia, and pale greys. 

While it’s true that you want to avoid overly vibrant colours that can be too distracting and hinder concentration, you can still bring a playful touch through your wall. Pairing neutral shades with warm earth tones, blues, and muted yellows can create a calm and focused atmosphere, without feeling dull.

You can also add a visual focus by creating a geometric wall. If you are not familiar with geometric patterns, those can be easily achieved by using high painter’s tape, such as Frog tape, to design sharp lines and geometric shapes. This is a simple but highly effective tip to transform an ordinary and plain wall into a captivating focal point, ideal for the wall behind your screen. 

In conclusion, your home office needs to be a lot more than a practical place. It has to incorporate stylish elements that you love and enjoy. While you may not be ready to splurge on artworks or elegant rugs for this space, you can certainly add playful patterns and inject colourful focal points through your choice of curtains and wall paint.

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