Best Types Of Wipeable Tablecloths

Are you planning a special dinner get-together with your friends, a barbeque, or even a kids’ birthday party? Don’t want to haul out your Mother’s hand-me-down tablecloth at the last minute?

Likewise, perhaps you won’t want to grab that piece of random fabric runner from the craft store and discover it’s marked with yellowing stains or left-over ketchup evidence.

But you can’t leave your table naked, so what choices do you have?

You want to add to the ambience with a stylish yet functional tablecloth. Read on to discover the best solutions that require a quick wipe-down after your guests have left. Take your entertaining to the next level with stunning, trendy, vivid, and affordable wipeable tablecloths that delight your guests, family, and friends.

Choosing the Right Material: A Comprehensive Guide to Wipeable Tablecloths

There are various options, but wipeable tablecloths are worth their weight in gold, no matter which one you choose. They can be used repeatedly, offer affordability and functionality, and will slot in with your indoor or outdoor décor.

  1. Acrylic Coated

The material is 100% cotton coated with acrylic, which is spill-proof, has a natural feel, and will last the longest. Your table will be protected from endless spills, stains, and colour fading. Besides their functionality, they offer charming designs in many colours and sizes.

Even restaurant owners will find the match for their colour schemes and branding. Acrylic-coated wipeable tablecloths are the perfect choice for all occasions. They are durable, gorgeous, and low-maintenance. They’re certainly our top pick.

  1. Oilcloth

These beautifully crafted wipeable tablecloths are perfect for camping, family dinners, your working space and even the home-schooling moms needing protection from the ‘crafty corner’ spills.

The easily wipeable oilcloth is the perfect solution for a long-lasting wipeable tablecloth. Wipe with any antibacterial cleaner. And it will give you years of service while keeping your family and home safe and clean.

Oilcloths are extremely popular, and many suppliers have an extensive range. These can be cut to any shape or size to fit your table.

They’re ideal for restaurateurs, coffee shops and caterers looking for an affordable, low-maintenance solution to constantly moving around. Plus, to quickly deal with the inevitable messing and spilling. These are easy-to-wipe clean moments before the new diners want to be seated.

The savings on laundry costs will be substantial, and the headaches for restaurant owners can be reduced drastically.

  1. Vinyl PVC

Perfect for outdoor dining and play, these wipeable tablecloths are an invaluable accessory to your outdoor entertainment and enjoyment. They offer the ideal resistance to sunlight; the vivid colours can be retained without losing their aesthetic appeal or functionality.

The great British BBQ is ideal for the Vinyl PVC wipeable tablecloth where movement occurs. Also, the strong and durable quality will keep accidents to a minimum with the easily wiped surface.

The finishes can be gloss or matt, an assortment of patterns from checks and stripes to polka dots, fauna, graphic florals, cute fruit and plain colours for an understated theme.

  1. Plastic Tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are a timesaver, easy to keep clean and protect your table from scratches, spills and frequent dining accidents. They’re an affordable, reliable choice for all occasions.

Customize Your Beautiful Table And Home With A Perfect Printed Wipeable Tablecloth

You can match the décor of your home, outdoor dining area or office table with a suitably designed new tablecloth and change it at your will. Transform your entertainment area in a functionally appealing way with wipe-clean tablecloths.

Whether you want loud and funky or cool and creative, your senses will be tickled with all the designs available. Your interior décor skills can be wrapped with the perfect printed wipeable tablecloth.


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