Create A Serene Poolside Oasis With These 7 Tips

poolside oasis

Summer days make you long for some quality moments spent beside cool waters, with shade trees quietly rustling by and the air filled with delightful scents. Luckily, you need not imagine some far-off retreat. You can experience the bliss of a poolside oasis right in your backyard.

Indeed, swimming pool demand has risen in recent years, with Australia recording a 30–50% increase in demand in 2021. But a perfectly refreshing experience isn’t solely contingent on a good dip in the pool. Poolside ambience also matters.

Transform it into a space where you can rush to unwind and relax. This article offers tips to remodel your poolside area into a serene escape. 

  • Design for serenity

Zoning your poolside eliminates clutter. Don’t just throw chairs and floats on every corner. Divide the area into distinct zones for different functions. You’d first want to have an open space where you can enjoy the heat unobstructed. Next, designate some space for a shaded hammock nook for afternoon siestas. And lastly, arrange seats and tables where you can dine and chat with friends. 

You’ll often need large umbrellas for the seating area to shade yourself from the scorching sun. You can find reputable suppliers advertising pool umbrellas for sale online and compare features and prices to find what suits your needs and budget. 

For all these installations, consider using natural materials, as they enhance serenity. Wood, stone, and sand are excellent examples. Consider stone pavers, wooden walkways, pebble mosaic paths, stone firepits, natural rope hammocks, recycled log benches, pergolas with climbing vines, and driftwood sculptures. 

Add water features for even more tranquillity. The melodic rumble of water as it splashes up and down fountains is akin to a soothing lullaby. Landscape designers can assist in creating features that imitate the sound of cascading waterfalls or ocean waves. Make it even more serene by making the floors of these water features reflective to mirror the sky.

  • Furnish for comfort

As suggested, furniture is a critical poolside component. Install ergonomic chairs offering maximum comfort. Beds upholstered in fine fabrics and hammocks in shady spots are excellent for relaxation and siestas. Comfort is the main factor to consider when choosing furniture pieces

Besides relaxation areas, you’d also want to have an outdoor dining set to enjoy meals under the sun during the day and stars at night. Enjoying supper and engaging in conversations with your family in an outdoor space is simply blissful. Over recent years, outdoor living enthusiasts have increased, with England reporting about 50% of adults spending more time outside compared to before 2020.

Choose sturdy tables and chairs that can withstand the elements. Remember to appropriately light up the dining areas for illumination and a touch of ambiance. Besides basic furniture sets, add a playful touch through oversized bean bags, colourful pool floats, underwater lights, whimsical hideaways, classical games, and water balloons, whichever works best with the space and overall aesthetic. 

  • Embrace nature’s beauty

Adding greenery around your swimming pool infuses the relaxing character of nature. Plant trees and shrubs suited to your local climate for consistent, year-round shading. Mix tall trees for canopy shading with shorter shrubs for eye-level decor. A live bamboo or bougainvillea hedge around the pool could be a welcome privacy screen.

On the same thought about greenery, carefully mix colours and scents. Plant flowering plants with brilliant blooms to increase the space’s visual interest. Aromas from plants like lavender, jasmine, rosemary, honeycomb myrtle, night-blooming cestrum, or citrus trees can also fill the poolside area, adding to the relaxation aspect. 

  • Install protection from the elements

The first element to guard the space against is the sun’s heat. The hotter months can be scorching, threatening your thermal comfort. In 2022, the UK recorded temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), an all-time record. Even after dipping into the water to cool down, you need a cool place to unwind. A retractable awning is an excellent option. You can adjust it as you wish and place it where you need shading at any particular moment. Classic umbrellas are also a more portable option with a pop of colour. 

For colder nights, you may need to light a fire for warmth. Construct a firepit where you can gather with family and friends for a starlit chat. If you don’t have enough space, consider a portable chiminea, which you can place close to your seat and enjoy the warmth. 

  • Enhance the mood

Lighting is a critical mood changer, especially during the evenings after the sun dips. String twinkling fairy lights from tree to tree. Design your lighting to drape around the umbrellas above your dining area. You can also add flickering lanterns on the tables or strategically placed posts. Solar lamps are also a worthwhile option. Place them along walkways and around seating areas. With a touch of professional design, you can significantly impact the poolside mood.


Transforming your poolside into a relaxing haven calls for creativity. The tips above may seem too common, but it’s how you implement them that makes the difference. Stretch your creativity to the limits. Take your poolside as a blank canvas and yourself as an artist. Paint it to your best. Seek professional help if need be. With the right balance of outdoor furniture, shading solutions, and decorative features, you can transform your poolside into the sanctuary you want.

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