Creating a beautiful, minimalist bathroom

Minimalist living has become a ‘buzz phrase’ of late, and you don’t have to spend long on social media before you see it being bandied around.

But what does it actually mean? Is it all about throwing away your things and just living in a practically empty house? Not at all! Minimalist living is simply about everything having its place, and only having things in the home that you need or love. So the kitchen junk drawer full of random bits and bobs? The tub full of old toys that your children no longer play with? These are what you don’t need if you want to practice minimalist living.

There are some rooms in the house that seem to accumulate more things that others, though and the bathroom is certainly one of them. How many opened bottles of shampoo or shower gel do you have in a shower caddy or bathroom window sill? Chances are, it’s more than one. They add up because we replace them before others are finished. Or we accumulate them following a recent birthday, for instance. The result may even be that we have so many opened bottles that we don’t know what to use next.

This is where minimalism comes in. If you have more bottles of lotion or shampoo than you don’t know what to do with, a hoard of sanitary products or cups filled with toothbrushes that are looking worse for wear, then tackling the bathroom can be an easy place to start. Below are some ideas to help you clear the clutter and practice minimalism in your bathroom.

minimalist bathroom

Look At The Big Picture

Bathrooms are rooms used multiple times a day but are also often compact. And as a result, they can feel crowded very easily. So check that you have just what you need in there, in terms of products, equipment and units.

  • If you have an old-school bidet taking up space and it is very rarely used, then why not use the space in a better way?
  • If you have a bath but rarely use it, would the space function better as a large wet-room-style shower area?

It can be a great idea to check with a reputable bathroom installer about what would be possible in your bathroom. Not only will this give you design ideas you may not have considered, but also, you’ll ensure you are using every inch of space in the best way effectively.

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral colours, like grey and white, are going to help any room look less cluttered. They look good, feel tranquil but they are keeping it simple. Too many colours going on can make the bathroom look busy and messy and even cluttered. That being said, although your base colours may be neutral, it looks stunning to include a single ‘wow’ feature, like one wall of statement wallpaper or an eye catching piece of art. Always opt for natural lighting though for a calm, harmonious feel.

Reduce Clutter

A cluttered feel is obviously the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with a minimalist bathroom. So be brutal, and look at what you have. What do you need to keep on display and what can be put away or donated? In the UK, unused products can be donated to The Beauty Banks or Women’s Aid refuges. Consider whether you’re really going to use the half-used shampoo bottles and creams – which can’t easily be recycled. It’s hard to stomach throwing the contents away things away, but at the same time, don’t treat your home like a landfill.  Use them on your body lavishly or give them away to friends. And don’t forget to combine several nearly used products into one container. Also, consider things you might have out on shelves, such as little trinkets or candle holders. If you don’t love them and they’re simply gathering dust, then clean and donate them for someone else to enjoy.

bathroom storage

Back To Basics

Using simple materials in your bathroom can be a great way to practice living in a more sustainable and minimalist way. So get back to basics and use wood and other natural materials. They’ll look much better than anything garish or plastic. Materials such as bamboo and concrete can also add a nice contrast, especially if the bathroom is quite light and bright. And these materials also add texture, and warmth to the room. Don’t forget to add some house plants, if you feel there is a need for them – they can help to purify the air, as well as add colour – plus  they give the bathroom a sustainable and natural vibe.

Use Storage Space Wisely

No doubt in the bathroom, there will be some shelving or drawers to use for storage. But, you don’t need to completely fill them up, just because they are there. If you store towels on shelves, roll them rather than fold them flat so you can easily take one out without disturbing the rest.  A sturdy shelf could be just what you need for a few choice items you want to display but…less is more. Don’t be tempted to over fill drawers or units – remember if you can’t see it, you won’t use it so ensure you can see everything at a glance.

decluttered bathroom

Simple Accents

Living in a minimalist way is not about having a completely empty home with no personality.  It’s about giving extra special thought to the things you choose to keep. Do your things serve a purpose? Do they bring you joy? Do you own other things which do they same job? Do they perform their function well? These questions can be applied to everything in the bathroom, from a towel rack to a soap dish.

Do you have any other tips and tricks that you would use for a decluttered and minimalist looking bathroom? It would be great to hear what you think.

Thanks so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind xx

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