Creating An Idyllic Clutter Free Space: My Tips And Tricks

Creating clutter free zones in your home can be one of the best ways to help keep your living spaces looking clean and tidy. But, we all have stuff that we need and our homes need to be lovable, ‘lived in’ whilst also looking great and being a space that we are proud of. But how can you achieve everything? It is possible and easy to create an idyllic space which is clutter free and both a functional and warm place to be. I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks to help your achieve this look.

clutterfree space

Clever storage solutions

There are two different types of clutter in my opinion. You have the unnecessary clutter that you really don’t need in your life – the items that are just around and really have no place. Then you have the clutter that you do need but you also need to limit and find ways to keep it tidy. Clever storage solutions can be a great saver when it comes to these things. Sources like Pinterest are full of different and unique ideas to help you create some amazing features to keep the clutter you do need in your life tidy and out of sight.

Use blinds instead of curtains

Part of the problem when it comes to spaces which look cluttered is using the wrong sort of accessories for those must have items in your room, and one them can be dressing the window. Too much going on can make the window space look cluttered and overbearing. This is when choosing a more minimalist option could be ideal and blinds are a great choice. Companies like Make My Blinds have some great suggestions and options available, and it could really help you to keep your room looking clean and tidy.

Neutral colour scheme

Under certain circumstances, colour can also give the impression of untidiness and mess and so sticking with a neutral colour scheme is a great way to make a room feel light and airy, with a minimalist look to it. Whites and creams are fabulous wall colours and it also means that you can express your creativity in the accessories you choose to display – meaning you can change things up regularly when it comes to colour, by dressing for the season or adding a pop of colour when you feel like it.

Investing in key pieces of furniture that fit the room

Finally, ensure that you invest in key pieces of furniture to make sure the room doesn’t feel too crowded. In every room there are things that you just have to have in there, and so making clever choices with the size of these items can give you the appearance of space without losing out on the practicality of what the purpose of the room is. Make sure you measure specifically and look at alternative ways to lay out a room or different furniture options to really make the most of your space.

I wholeheartedly hope that these tips help you to create an idyllic and clutter free space.

Thanks for reading!

A Tidy Mind.


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