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Declutter My House – Where do I start?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The truth is that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so decluttering your house can take time. But it doesn’t have to be a chore! It can be a cathartic and energising experience. Here are some tips to bear in mind before you embark on your decluttering journey – so the question ‘how to I declutter my house?’ no longer fills you with dread:

  • Start small. Declutter a contained area such as a single drawer or cupboard, a cabinet or your wallet. Seeing this space transformed will spur you on and motivate you to move on to different areas.
  • Start with ‘low emotion’ belongings. Avoid starting with a loft packed full of memorabilia. Instead start with the kitchen or bathroom, where you’re less likely to be sentimental. You can build up to memories when you’re a more practiced declutterer.
  • Finish the job. It’s easy to start a project and then stop because it’t taking longer than you thought. That’s why it’s best to do contained areas. If you decide to tackle your clothes, you might become exhausted half way through and loose track of what you were keeping or letting go of. So it’s better to do one drawer at a time or one section of a wardrobe etc.

It can be hard to declutter on your own. If you need help from a professional declutterer, get in touch.

Declutter My House | Declutter My Mind

You’re probably already aware that the two are related. Decluttering your house can have the knock on effect of making your mind clearer and calmer. Without the physical clutter, you will find that you have more headspace. Decluttering your house will encourage you to deal with mental clutter too. You may decide to distance yourself from toxic people in your life or let go of worrying about what other people think of you.

Will I need to keep Decluttering My House?

There are a few things which will help you maintain your new clutter-free space:

  • Become a conscious consumer by restricting what comes into your home. Be a savvy shopper. Beware of accepting ‘freebies’ and don’t let others pass on their clutter to you.
  • Put things back in their places. It’s best to try to do this ‘as you go’ so you don’t have to do huge tidies in one go.
  • Keep a charity bag on the go. Every house has a turnover of stuff. As soon as something is no longer useful to you, put it in the back to pass on to someone who will treasure it.
  • Keep up with your recycling and shredding. This is especially important with paperwork. Keep that recycling bin handy and let paper go as soon as you can to avoid piles building up.

Hopefully you have found these tips useful. There are lots more on the A Tidy Mind blog. And if you would like to inquire about booking a professional organiser, please get in touch.

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