Essential Closet Organization Tools and Accessories

Your closet can be a total nightmare. Many of us use these spaces to tuck away the clutter that we don’t want to deal with, and that means that often our closets are not functional and are more likely than not completely unorganized. From small wardrobes to spacious walk-in closets, a cluttered space makes it almost impossible to find what you need- especially when you may already be stressed about showing up to work or meeting your reservation on time. Without organization systems in place, clothes, shoes, and accessories will quickly pile up and turn into clutter. But don’t worry, if you are unsure of where to begin visit this page to get the help you need from design to installation. 

How to organize your closet: 

Ensuring that you have a closet that is perfect for your wants and needs will help you to remain organized, closets often gather a bunch of dust and clutter, therefore having ways to ensure they remain clean and organized will do wonders for your time management and peace of mind. You might have recently opened a closet door and experienced an avalanche of items come tumbling out, this article will delve into some ideas and tricks to help you remain clean and organized with your closet

Before you begin to hang shelving or label baskets, or color-coordinating your clothing we suggest that you edit your growing wardrobe and shoe collection, the first step will be to do a closet cleanout. 

The guide to keeping your closet clean and organized: 

Clean out your closet: 

Cleaning out your closet might be the most painful part of closet organization, but it is crucial when you need a clean-out. Go through your entire closet, and pull out the items that you don’t wear anymore, or have never worn, and toss them or donate them. 

There is no point in organizing clothes or accessories that you never wear. Make a donation pile as you organize and add items that you haven’t worn or used in the last year. 

Take everything out of your closet to organize it: 

Once you have cleaned everything out, it is time to remove all the items that you are going to keep. Once the space is empty you will be able to have a much better idea of how to best utilize the shelves and clothing racks. 

While you have started this process, we suggest that since your closet is relatively empty and it may already be a mess, this would be the time to clean your closet, wipe down all your surfaces, and dust all hard-to-reach places. 

Ensure that all your hangers are matching: 

Streamline your closet with all matching hangers. A number of closet organizers all recommend and favor a nonslip, velvet hanger that will work for just about everything, they are slim and end up taking up less room in your closet, they are also often non-slip. 

Edit your items and categorize them: 

While on your closet cleaning and decluttering journey, decide what items are no longer in good condition and right for your lifestyle. These items should be put aside to be donated, given to others, recycled, or trashed. 

The rule of thumb is items that you have not touched in a while are good candidates for donation, if you haven’t worn them for over 2 years (preferably 1 year) then it is time to get rid of it and help declutter your space. 

Organize by category: 

Once you have pared down your belongings the experts suggest keeping them organized by category, shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc- and even going a step further to organize them by color. 

Organizing by color not only assists in making it more visually appealing, it also makes it easier to find what you need at a glance. 

Contain your items in bins and baskets: 

This is when you will begin to feel like a home-organizing pro. Gather any bins, baskets or other containers to organize your items in your closet. Often oversized storage basets are a smart solution for disorganized closets and can be used to house everything from accessories to towels to bulky clothing items. 

After all the hard work, the final step is the most important, to keep maintaining your space. That means continuing to edit your items as you add new pieces to your closet and ensure that everything goes back to its dedicated space. 

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