Fake Can Free You…..Why Faux Is In Fashion


Doesn’t drum up particularly positive connotations does it?

In fact, fake might make you think: substandard, poor quality, cheap, an insult to the authentic counterpart.

However! Not always…..

I propose that fake – or faux, as I’ll more politely put it – is having a moment right now.

AND, very excitingly, faux products can help you on your quest to declutter your life and your mind.

Let’s look at some examples:

Faux Flowers

Yes okay, I know, I KNOW that fresh flowers smell amazing. But let’s face it, they last a pitifully short amount of time. I actually find it rather sad to watch beautiful flowers wilt before my eyes.

Fake – I mean faux – flowers are no longer naff.

For starters, the variety is endless so you can find them to suit any style and taste. Natural, contemporary, traditional. And contrary to popular belief they are realistic (providing you don’t buy cheap – you get what you pay for)

No need to trim leaves. No diagonally cutting each stem. No more messing around with feeding and topping up their water, only to watch it turn brown and sludgy anyway. No clearing up fallen petals and finally having to dispose of the slimy, forlorn things after only a few days

So, how can faux flowers help us live without clutter?

Because they last so you can reuse, reuse, reuse. That SIMPLIFIES life for us – no need to think about replacements.

No mess and no waste as the most beautiful window of life is captured and frozen in time. For the best faux flowers I’ve come across, check out Deluxe Blooms.

Faux Candles

After I acquired cats, and then kids, I gradually became terrified of a naked flame!

I could never fully let go of real candles (Molton Brown and Diptyque are incredible) BUT battery operated candles have come a really long way of late.

These candles can be extremely realistic, even creating the effect of flickering flames. There are fragrenced versions too. And different colours (I like the warm, yellow light versions) Controlled by remotes or timers, they can add something special to the lighting in your home. A major plus surely has to be no need for matches or lighters which themselves can build up and create clutter.

When I declutter for clients, I often find a multitude of half burnt candles. There are usually reasons why they were not fully burnt and therefore most of the time they end up going. But they are difficult to recycle (ever tried separating the wax from the glass?) and can hang around in cupboards for years gathering dust. Tea lights frustrate me too. Two hours burn time? They would have to be part of your weekly supermarket shop if you used them regularly.

The only upkeep with faux candles is replacing the batteries and this can be alleviated by buying rechargeables.

Faux Fur

Well clearly, I don’t need to say why this is preferable! And it has much less to do with decluttering. But I had to include it anyway just because it’s fabulous! Oh and you don’t need much faux fur in your life to reap the benefits.

Less is more is the key.

But it passes the “Beautiful/Useful” test with flying colours.

Thank you so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind.

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