Fans VS Air Conditioning – What’s Best For Keeping Your Office Cool

keeping your office cool

With summer just around the corner there’s never a better time to consider your business’ heating and cooling systems. While now is a great time to begin maintenance or servicing your HVAC, we’re asking the question, which is best for your business energy costs for keeping your office cool, AC or electric fans? Let’s find out…

Keeping your office cool this summer 

The temperature of your office plays a key role in maintaining a comfortable working environment for your employees. Being one of the three main factors that contributes to productivity and efficiency, maintaining the perfect temperature, especially on warm summer days is imperative. 

Not just for your energy bills but for your employees’ wellbeing too. And while there are many ways you can keep your office cool on stifling hot days, particularly those we experience throughout July and August, most will opt to choose between portable fans or air conditioning units. 

If you already have a HVAC system fitted but are worried about your business energy costs rising, is it worth switching to desk fans and portable electric fans for your office instead? 

Portable electric fans 

Portable electric and desk fans are some of the most practical and cost effective solutions for small businesses. Since they are relatively cheap to buy and are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and with various functions, they are a brilliant choice for short term use. However, the downside is that they often do not last long enough to provide an effective solution for maintaining a consistent temperature year on year. They are best used when days are exceptionally warm and staff would like their own unit to control and turn on and off as they please for extra comfort at work. 

Air conditioning units for business 

Meanwhile, air conditioning units are more permanent fixtures. And while expensive, they can be fitted to a wall or ceiling within an office for a consistent and long-lasting solution for controlling the working temperature. What’s more, the reach of an air conditioning unit is far greater than a portable fan and is usually capable of keeping the average office space cool or warm without the need for multiple units or systems. 

However, many people are concerned about their energy bills. Since these systems typically require large amounts of energy to run, they can have an impact on business energy bills. 

How much energy do electric fans consume compared to air conditioners?

According to Ideal Home an average tower fan (which is a popular stand-alone option) costs around just 1p per hour, making that a total of 8p for the entire 8-hour working day. However, it is important to note that different models and styles of portable electric fans will consume various amounts of energy. Other examples include a bladed floor fan, which can cost around 31p to run for 10 hours straight. Consistently used for 10 hours per day for 5 days per week, this works out at around £1.55 per week! 

In comparison a HVAC unit that is built-in to a premises, can cost around £56.76 a week based on nine hours of use a day. (This is according to Uswitch based on a system that uses 2.7kilowatts of power an hour). While there’s a huge difference between the two, other factors such as how big the space is, how many people work in the building, and whether you are seeking a permanent or temporary solution for heating and cooling will play into which system should be used in your office. 

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