Feel Closed In? How to Add Space to Your Home

add space to your home

You could live in a flat and feel like it is stuffed to the brim with things – and those things just increase as the years go on. You may live in a large property and still feel closed in because there is nowhere to put everything. Regardless of what your situation is, with these tips, you’ll be able to better organise and even add space to your home. Here’s how:


·        Declutter


There is no point in building storage solutions or using the rest of this guide for items you don’t want. If you don’t want them, don’t like them, and don’t need them, then they need to go. You can recoup some money by selling the items you don’t want and donating or recycling the rest.


·        Use Negative Space


That space above your cupboards? That is potential storage space. The area underneath your bed? Storage space. All it needs is a system that makes it easy to access and beautiful to see. For areas that are within your eye line, always invest in quality baskets that look great, so you can store your items beautifully, even if the inside is a mess of items.


·        Add Storage


There are so many ways that you can add storage. If you own the property, investing in a custom storage solution can seamlessly add storage in all the nooks and crannies of your home. If you are renting, then adding shelves and using the vertical space in your home is a great way to add storage.


·        Use Storage Solutions


There are many innovative storage solutions for your cupboards, your dressers, and your everyday life. Explore what storage solutions there are and what will work for your home. From adding small shelves to your cupboards to getting multi-tier clothes hangers to maximise the space in your wardrobe, there are many great options to choose from.


When Space Saving Solutions Aren’t Enough


When all the above space-saving solutions just aren’t cutting it, know that it is time to upgrade the space of your home. Regardless of whether you owned the previous property, or were renting, know that to make the most out of your next space, you are going to want to own it outright so that you can really invest in space and organisation systems.


If you are finding it difficult to apply for a mortgage, always go to a broker. Even those who work in medicine can find it difficult. Take junior doctors, for example. As they are still training and might even be on a six-month contract at a time, they are often denied on their applications. That is why you always need a specialist who understands your income situation. A mortgage for junior doctor is within reach, especially when you have Doctors Mortgages Online on your side.


Go in with the above tips in mind on how you can upgrade the spaces that you look at as well, and always ask for the floorplan (including accurate measurements) so that you can clearly work out how much storage each space offers. This way, you can keep everything tidy and feel like you have space to grow into the property.


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