Garden Rooms: The Ultimate Entertaining Space 

enjoy the beauty of your garden

Garden rooms provide ample space for entertaining family, friends and neighbours. Designed to suit the size and specifications of your garden, they are incredibly versatile and can be designed and decorated to be used for just about anything you could wish! From guest rooms and games rooms to pool rooms and garden bars, garden rooms can quickly become a hub for entertainment in your home. Welcoming all your loved ones into a space dedicated to creating memories. No matter your budget, here’s some inspiration for creating the ultimate entertaining space in your garden room

Customise your own garden bar 

For both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the bar is one of the first areas guests will seek when turning up to a party. For those who want to take their mixology skills seriously, customising your own garden bar as part of your garden room is a great use of space. Whether this is part of your garden room design process or an afterthought, there are hundreds of ways to customise your own bar. Stocking this with all your favourite drinks, mixers, and extras like fruits and syrups will make for a show stopping party, whenever you choose to host. Your friends and family will certainly be hoping for an invite every time you plan an event.

What’s more, placing a bar inside your garden room means this becomes an area of your garden you can use all year round! So, even in winter and during big events like NYE you can continue to use your garden bar and host your friends and family inside your cosy garden room.

Incorporate technology into your garden room 

From music speakers to disco lights and TVs, incorporating elements of technology into your garden room is an excellent way to make this space fun, inviting, and the perfect place for a party. From hosting big birthday parties, to small family meals, and even games nights, the use of technology will elevate your garden room, making it a place your guests will never want to leave. 

Some technical elements to consider when designing your garden room include:

  • Wifi 
  • Cable connectivity 
  • Lighting 
  • Sound systems 
  • Televisions 

When designing your garden room, you can opt to add as many elements and features as you wish. So, if you’re hoping to create an incredibly high-tech space in your garden, the design process is the most important time for ensuring you have the connection, cable space, and access to power outlets required for you to do this. Any good garden designer will be able to bring your plans to life, ensuring everything is where it needs to be so you can plug in and get the party started! 

A gamer’s paradise 

If you’re not a party lover, your garden room can easily be transformed into a games room for cosy games nights with family and friends. With use of the technology mentioned above, you can incorporate all your favourite games, from console gaming through to board games, and even pool tables. Helping to create the ultimate gamer’s paradise. With unique, personal touches, your garden room can quickly become a chill out spot for you, your children, your friends, and extended family to enjoy. Ideal for those who want to spend hours gaming without disrupting other family members in the main home. However you wish to enjoy this space, a games room is an incredibly popular use for a bespoke garden room.

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