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bespoke storage space

Living in a clutter-free space is a dream for many homeowners. However, it is inevitable to have a messy space if you own a lot of things. Luckily, homeowners can opt for bespoke storage solutions to control the clutter before it gets out of hand.  

Different types of storage can address this concern, but one of the most popular options are bespoke storage solutions. What’s a bespoke storage solution? These are custom-made storage options to fit your needs and preferences.

Storage takes the interior design up a notch while offering the perfect solution to organizing clutter. Since they are designed to fit different physical and aesthetic spaces, bespoke storages are perfect for maximizing space. 

So, if you want to organize clutter with bespoke storage but don’t know where to start, here is a guide to help you.

Seek Professional Advice 

Bespoke storage significantly alters the design of the home. Therefore, adding them to your space is a big decision you may need help with. To begin, go to and find an expert that can assist you in creating a design that suits your tastes. 

Take time to consider the design’s effect on the construction and style of your space to ensure that they are compatible. 

Settle On A Suitable Location 

With inspiration in mind, the next thing to do is to choose a suitable location. The right site is essential for bespoke storage because its dimensions are specifically fitted to the space, unlike freestanding furniture. This means that once they are in, there is no moving them. 

Analyze your space and the layout to find the best spot. You can even shift your furniture around to find the right angle. You can even visualize balancing the new storage with your existing furniture and smaller fixtures. Note that you can’t just use any vacant space for your unique storage, so decide carefully to make the most out of it. 

Consider The Room’s Style 

If you plan to have multiple storage made to measure, take advantage of customizing them based on the styles of the rooms they will be fitted into. Look out for architectural features in the room and consider imitating them on your bespoke storage solutions. This means finding ways to finish edges where your storage meets other surfaces. For instance, if you have a contemporary interior, consider getting storage made with clean lines and minimal detailing.  

Pay Attention To The Storage’s Design 

As the interior of your bespoke storage solutions is where you’ll be placing your items, considering the functionality is vital. The internal design is influenced by different things, including what you’ll store within the unit. For instance, when designing storage for books, consider getting drawers as they are space-effective. However, if you intend to store large items, getting drawers and a cupboard will be ideal as they offer easy access and enough space between the shelves.  

Another part of internal design is giving it purpose. Beautiful shoes will look great displayed on open shelves. Some people prefer hanging clothing over folding it. As a result, choosing bespoke storage that’s full-length instead of shelves might be ideal. However, shallow drawers will be perfect if you enjoy folding your clothes as they reduce messy piles. Fortunately, with bespoke storage, you can design pieces and furniture that suit you.  

Find The Right Materials And Finish 

As bespoke storage solutions accommodate endless alternatives, you can choose materials and finish according to your unique taste. However, before selecting a material, you may need to consider its lifespan. Solid wood, for instance, adds a luxury touch to any home but can warp with varying humidity.  

If you can’t afford wood, opt for the high-quality veneer, a more cost-effective option with a wood finish. It comes in different style options, colours, and tones. 

Invest In Good Lighting 

Lighting in storage adds to the ambiance in the room. As a result, consider getting concealed lighting that’s both functional and aesthetic. Lighting will make it easier to view all your storage, making it accessible.  

Fortunately, concealed lighting doesn’t cost much, as all you need are LED light strips. Similarly, you can use decorative lighting for added effect. For instance, consider fitting a pendant light within a bookcase for a cosy theme.  

Bottom Line 

Bespoke storage solutions can solve your storage problems while adding a statement to your home. As a result, treat your bespoke storage solutions as investment pieces. Feel free to be creative, have fun, and add your personal touch.


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