Tips To Turn Your Guest Room Into a Visitor’s Haven

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Life is on the verge of being back to normal and as such, families and friends will be once again coming for visits. With that in mind, getting your guest room back up to visitation level should be at the top of your to-do list. During the quarantine, it was easy to use the guest room to stash copious amounts of toilet paper or hang clothes to dry and shut the door. But times are changing, and it’s time to spruce up the spare room into a visitor’s haven. While you may not have the budget to create a Ritz experience for your upcoming guests, there are some tips you can learn from to make it a welcoming and comfortable stay.


As the bed goes, so goes the comfort of the inhabitants. Don’t just pick an old mattress you’ve since replaced to go in the guest room, albeit it’s tempting to do. Instead, invest in as the quality of a mattress as possible with box springs or a platform. A poor mattress will not support the head or the back correctly, resulting in back pain for its sleepers. Think about why you got rid of it in the first place. Do you really want your mother sleeping on that? If the budget doesn’t lend itself to a new mattress, at least consider a thick durable mattress topper and quality sheets and pillowcases for the room. Additionally, have extra sheets easily accessible for the guest, as accidents can happen to anyone.


Now that the bed has been taken care of, you may find you need new furniture in the room as well. Experts suggest room for a luggage rack, as it’s never easy having to bend over and sort through all your things to find an outfit for the day. Additionally, add a chair of some sort for the visitors to sit in, as most people are not terribly comfortable sitting in bed. An overstuffed, upholstered armchair is ideal as well as a table and lamp. If room allows, place a desk and a dresser in the room, too. The desk gives them a place to conduct personal business and the dresser allows them to unpack and stow away their bags.


All too many homeowners stash out-of-season clothes in the closet of the spare bedroom, but if at all possible, don’t. Instead, leave plenty of room for visitors to hang their clothes and stow away their suitcases. To help them out, don’t forget to include some empty hangers for their use, and purchase an inexpensive over-the-door hook to hang a robe. Further, there should be plenty of room on the floor of the closet for them to put multiple pairs of shoes.


When company isn’t around, the dresser is a great place to display your American Girls collection or antique dolls, but when you have visitors in town, it’s a better idea to leave the dresser top clear with the exception of a few useful items such as a pitcher for water for nighttime thirst and a glass. For those with limited space, use the dresser top to house a television and put the remote on the bedside table.

By taking some or all of these steps, your guest room is sure to be filled with visitors time and time again.

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