How Decluttering Can Help You Practice Mindfulness

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Feeling the strain?

You have probably heard of “Mindfulness” It’s a concept that has been around for centuries but has exploded into the media in Western society in recent years.

And for good reason.

It’s a wonderful way to experience life and an important tool to deal with difficulty.

It’s quite hard to explain though. I guess it just means allowing yourself to be aware. Just to notice what is going on around you in the present moment and being focused on whatever it is that you are doing.

Now, more than any time, I find it essential to practice mindfulness. There’s just so much going on in the modern world. So much mental clutter.  It helps slow the mind down, focus on all there is to appreciate and to cope with any stress.

But did you know that decluttering can help you practice mindfulness? That there is an inherent connection between the two and that they fit together like jigsaw pieces?

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Here are three examples:

1) It Creates Freedom.

As you reduce the number of possessions in your home, you realise you become less distracted by thoughts darting around your mind. Thoughts such as “This needs to be fixed, I should move that, Auntie Violet gave me that but I don’t like it”

The problem is that these thoughts lead to other thoughts and before you know it, your mind has been on a wild ramble just because you dared to lift your head and look up.

When your home is in order; when your possessions are intentionally owned, it is far easier to focus your mind and to relax. Whatever you do, you will find it easier to simply do it, without random thoughts invading your poor mind.

For more tips on how to live simply, click here.

2) It Creates Time.

You will end up with more time. Guaranteed! More time to be still, to appreciate the present moment, After all, it’s pretty hard to be mindful when you’re rushing around.

My clients report saving at least an hour per day once they are decluttered.

So where does this extra time come from?

Well, for starters, you know where everything is so you don’t waste precious minutes searching.

Secondly, the time you spend cleaning will become a fraction of what is was. Cleaning a cluttered home or office is, at best, time consuming and at worst, impossible.

Finally (and this is a big one), you will learn not to go through several steps when one would do. There are SO many ways in which this can apply.

Female skincare is a good example: retailers and marketers would have you believe you need a number of different products to keep your skin in optimum condition. Serum, facial oil, day cream, night cream, eye cream, neck cream (NECK cream!?) I question the necessity of all this. Go for high quality but keep it simple – you don’t need lots of products cluttering up your bathroom and sucking up your time (I wrote a whole blog on tidying time – read it here)

3) It Creates Choice.

As you go through the process of decluttering your life, you will inevitably turn your attention beyond possessions.

You will look at the people with whom you spend your time, the places you go. Are these people adding value to your life? Or do they bring you down? Do you actually enjoy that evening group? Is that exercise class a good use of your time?

You start to ask yourself some really honest questions about how you are choosing to live this precious, fleeting life.

The result?

Well, less.

Less people, less pressure, less stress, less clutter in your mind.

To enable you to have more.

More time, more appreciation, more space for the people and activities that you have chosen to let in. To enable you to be more present, more mindful.

Thanks so much for reading!

A Tidy Mind.

Ps Decluttering your home and your life isn’t always easy! If you need help, that’s what I’m here for. Get in touch at [email protected].

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