How to Change the Locks on a New House – A Simple Guide

change the locks

Moving into a new house takes work. You may need many things to bring in and a lot of adjustments to do. Not to mention the things you need to change or replace. 

Some of the critical things to do away with are the old house locks and keys. You can never be sure who’s been coming in and out of the house before you and who has the duplicates of the house keys. The previous owners are sure to have the keys. They may have turned over the originals to the brokers but retained copies.

It’s why you need to change locks for your own safety. Changing said locks may look like a simple task, but you can never be sure with today’s locking features.

A Simple Guide To Change Your New House’s Locks

Plan The Change

As you assume living in your new house, it’s crucial that you plan your moving in way ahead of time. You may say it’s just changing locks and keys, but it still involves money. There’s still a need for financial planning, especially for the things you need to buy and add to your new comfort zone.

It would be best if you calculated the expenses you’ll need to purchase the locking mechanisms and devices, including all the required accessories that come along with them. You might need to replace the doors and jambs if the holes from previous locks were already damaged.

It might be that the old doors are not apt to the look you want for your new abode, so these, too, need changing, aside from the locks.

Check The Old Locks

Along with your survey of the whole house, check also the condition of your new house’s locks and bolts. Check the entryways and exits for damage, not only their locks. If you don’t have some of the keys, you can always hire gate openers and operators LiftMaster, and other services to open bolted parts of the house.

They can also open up stuck locks that won’t budge with the keys given to you by the agents. The condition and kinds of the locks previously installed are your reference point to determine the new security system you’re to install.

Shop For Locks

Shopping and looking for suitable locks may be more challenging than you foresee it was. Your new abode may have been designed with an intricate locking system or smart locks. Whatever they used to be, it’s time to decide what kinds of locks and bolts you want for your new home.

Actually, you’re not shopping for locks alone. You’re also looking for many things to secure and update the look of your house from inside and out. So that includes locking systems that’ll help give your new home an upbeat.

Pick out the ones that cater to your requirements the most. Ensure that you have the locks that suit the lock holes in the doors and frames in your house. There are also many hardware or home improvement stores where you can shop for the best locks. Online shops are also available to browse through security items for your house. 

Of course, you should also ensure that your new home’s security materials have the quality that can guarantee your peace of mind. 

Install Your New Locks

The installation of your security locks and other devices is sometimes best left to the professionals. Experienced experts in these kinds of work will spend less time installing than if you do it yourself. 

These installations are quite technical and may leave the work cluttered, doors damaged, and the locks faulty if you volunteer to do it. The safest thing to do is to let the technical people do their job. The cost of hiring them will compensate for the assurance of security their installations will give you.

The Bottom Line

Changing the locks on your new house will actually complicate things a little if you’re not prepared for its costs, the job it entails, and other minute details that are often overlooked. Consider these takeaways and search through the links to be more prepared.

Ensure that you will have a level of safety that allows you to feel comfortable once you have changed all the locks. The safety of one’s household should always take precedence over matters of comfort and style.

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