How to MAINTAIN a clutter-free house?

clutter free living room

This post is for those who often have a big tidy up, after which he house looks great….for a day or so….but gradually things slip and you’re back to where you started. It’s so frustrating! And feels soul destroying. So how do you maintain a clutter-free house? How do you keep it tidy so you don’t return to square one?

Build in daily habits

‘Tidy as I go’ is your new motto. Once you have used something in your home, return it to it’s ‘place’ immediately. It will take seconds and you’re doing yourself a huge favour every time. This is not just one person’s responsibility though. If there are other’s in your household, they need to take it upon themselves to manage their stuff.

Each evening, tidy anything away which remains ‘homeless’. Remember that tidying is a form of self care. If you can keep your belongings in their correct places, you’re actually caring for yourself as a person and you’re going to wake up the following day and feel better about yourself and your home.

Be an intentional buyer

Very rarely does an impulse buy work out. If you have even the tiniest doubt about a purchase, don’t make it or exercise a ‘purchase pause’ for 2 weeks. This isn’t boring – it will save you time, money and hassle.

If you still can’t maintain

To put it bluntly, you probably still have too much stuff. That’s the main culprit. If your storage areas remain over full, you need to do a second edit. How much do you really, truly need? Would a simpler home be liberating? Reframe it in your mind – you’re not losing your stuff, you’re gaining space, time and freedom.

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