How to make a room look bigger with mirrors

When it comes to interior design, small rooms or awkwardly shaped rooms can be very difficult to work with. How are you supposed to decorate them to make them feel spacious and uncluttered instead of cramped and dark? This is where well-placed mirrors can help. Using mirrors to maximise your space visually is one of the oldest tricks in the book, reflecting light and lines of sight to trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it really is. No matter how compact, you can make any room feel more expansive with the strategic use of glass mirrors. Here are seven ways when it comes to how to make a room look bigger using mirrors:

Pair mirrors with a light source

The more light a room has, the more open and spacious it appears, which is why mirrors are so useful in achieving this visual impact. The glass reflects the light back, multiplying the brightness and distributing the light throughout the room.

To amplify this effect, position a mirror behind or opposite a light source – which can be any kind of light fixture – so it can spread the light through the dark space, enhancing the feeling of greater dimensions and generating a welcoming atmosphere.

Place a mirror opposite a window

If you have a decently-sized window with a view of the sky or greenery outside, then placing a similarly-sized mirror on a wall across the room from this window will reflect the inviting view, while also bouncing more light back into the space.

Depending on your design preferences, you could have the glass cut into shapes that mimic the window panes to recreate the appearance of an actual window, or buy a square or arch-shaped framed mirror that specifically looks like a fake window!

Use full-length mirrors in narrow spaces

In narrow spaces like hallways, hanging a tall mirror at one end will reflect the area back, making it look bigger. Be sure to position it opposite a doorway or light source, as this will add depth – and take it as close to floor-to-ceiling size as possible.

To improve the optical illusion a floor-length mirror can provide, avoid using ornate frames or leaning mirrors. A frameless full-length mirror mounted on the wall will take up less room, while visually extending the area and drawing the eye upwards.

Choose large yet minimal designs

In tighter spaces, opting for minimalist décor is key to prevent the space from feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. Stick to plain colours and simple designs – including the shape of the mirror and the style of the frame you choose, if any.

It’s best to opt for a large plain mirror with a greater reflective surface area than to focus on a decorative frame, which can detract from the optical illusion and introduce more visual clutter (unless the frame is for the specific purpose of creating a window illusion).

Install a mirror splashback

While mirrors typically aren’t made from toughened glass, and therefore can’t be used in areas with high temperatures or impact risks, they can still serve as a practical element in addition to an aesthetic one if you install a mirror glass splashback.

Adding mirror splashbacks along the wall behind the sink or bath in the bathroom, or above the counters in the kitchen, can make even a tiny bathroom or galley kitchen feel brighter and bigger than before – just avoid placing them near heat sources.

Arrange multiple mirrors together

Large mirrors can be on the more expensive side, so if you want to keep costs down while making your room feel bigger, why not use a collection of smaller mirrors to create a mirror gallery wall that reflects light in more directions?

Grouping mirrors together can create a simple yet captivating focal point for the room’s décor, especially if you arrange different types of mirrors for a unique look. This can elevate the ambience and introduce intrigue as a conversation piece.

Consider a mirror wall or ceiling

Mirror ceilings can sometimes create a disorienting visual effect, depending on the room layout, and it’s also important to get the safety aspects right – but if you want to increase the bright and airy feeling without taking up room on your walls, the ceiling could be the way to go.

Alternatively, if you would rather invest in the largest sheet mirror possible to get the best effect from hanging a mirror on your wall – why not simply create a mirror wall? If you go to a supplier of bespoke mirrors, you can get a mirror cut to size, so it fits your wall perfectly. Providing an ideal feature for those who enjoy dance, yoga, or filming videos for social media!

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