How to Sell Unwanted Items

how to sell unwanted items

Decluttering is a natural by-product of the spare time that the summer holidays can bring, and a useful way to bring your home back under control. Especially if you’ve been a little runaway with your spending lately! But in decluttering, you often uncover a number of items that you do not want anymore but cannot bring yourself to throw away. With a looming recession threatening household budgets across the land, it’s more important than ever to make every penny count. But if you’ve not made a habit of selling your used goods before, you may be at a loss for how to start. In this post we discuss how to sell unwanted items. Here are some simple ways to generate a bit of cash from your unwanted belongings.

Boot Sale Apps

In the modern age, selling goods has never been easier. The prevalence of smartphones has resulted in the widespread popularity of marketplace, or ‘boot sale’ apps. Depop and Vinted are particularly popular for the sale of clothes and vintage items and make it incredibly easy for the shrewd consumer to find great items at great prices.

Setting up to sell on these boot sale apps is just as easy as creating an account as a buyer, and listing items is as simple as using your smartphone to take pictures before writing a brief description of each. If you’re prepared to post your items nationally, you may be able to increase your chances of a quick sale. The upside of selling on lucrative boot sale apps such as these is the possibility of generating a regular income; if you are a voracious buyer of vintage clothes, selling them on can help you build your savings that little bit quicker.

Facebook Marketplace

If boot sale apps are a little intimidated to create listings on, or if you’re simply looking to shift a few items from a light de-clutter, it can be much simpler and easier to use an online local marketplace to list your goods. Facebook Marketplace is a useful, quick and above all, free way to sell your items in a pinch. You can also target your sale to local residents, eliminating the need to pack and post your items.

Car Boot Sales

Of course, for a sure-fire way to shift your pre-loved items, there is nothing quite as good as the good old-fashioned car boot sale. A mainstay of the late 20th century, car boots offered a unique opportunity for homesteads and casual collectors to clear out their bric-a-brac. Car boots can also be a fun social event, introducing neighbours to one another and building a network of budding sellers.

Car boot sales are also eminently simple to do – albeit they will take up a whole day. All you will need to do is price your unwanted items one by one and box them up carefully the night beforehand. The only potential downside to car boots is the price at which most items sell. You’ll need to be prepared for some vicious haggling, and high prices are likely to turn off window-shoppers altogether. As such, make sure your items are priced to sell before you go to avoid having to take items back home!

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