Why it’s so important to keep a tidy workspace at university

When it comes to study, there’s a lot that can get in the way of our productivity. In fact, everything down to the tidiness of our workspace can impact our motivation to work on our academic projects and revise for exams. In order to optimise your study time, you’re going to want to ensure that your environment is conducive to learning. But why is tidiness so important? Let’s take a look.

What you need, when you need it

When you’re in concentration mode, you don’t want anything to break your focus – particularly something as simple as not being able to find your pen, or losing a paper that you were just working on. By keeping your workspace free of clutter, you know that once you start working, you’ll have all the tools that you need to hand, as and when you need them.

Plus, keeping your workspace tidy means that important documents are kept safe from potential damage or spills – something that can really hinder your progress when you’re approaching a crucial deadline. By allocating a space to store important papers and tools such as a specific box or drawer, you’ll not only be able to reach them when you need them, but will also have a much more constructive workspace.

Less distractions

It’s not always easy to focus on work, particularly when there are lots of fun activities going on around you at your university. While some elements of your environment may be out of your control, you do have the power to ensure that you don’t get distracted by items in your personal space.

When your desk is untidy, it’s easy to procrastinate. For example, you may have small objects lying around that are tempting to play with, or become distracted by your mobile phone when it lights up on your desk. By ensuring that your desk is free of such small items, there’s less chance of you spotting something distracting in your peripheral vision when you’re trying to concentrate.

A clutter-free mind

The environment that we find ourselves in each day can have a huge impact on how we feel inside. So, seeing a messy workspace can sometimes make you feel as though your mind is cluttered too.

When you feel overstimulated or overwhelmed in this way, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand. While it can be helpful to take breaks from your studies every now and then, in order for them to be helpful, you’re going to need to be in a calm environment. A tidy workspace will afford you the mental break you need whenever you take time away from your screen, and allow you a few moments away from distractions.

How can you keep your workspace tidy?

Keeping your workspace tidy is easier said than done, and depending on the university course that you take, you may find it easier or harder to keep things neat. Usually, it’s the subject that you study that will determine the most productive layout for your workspace. For example, those studying a business degree may need to allocate a space for practising presentations and pitches, while those on a creative course may need adequate storage space to keep large pieces of artwork.

Ultimately, it’s important to take your academic tasks into account when it comes to organising your workspace. This way, you can make sure that you have all the floor space and storage that you need in order to keep it neat and tidy while you’re studying.

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